The Malaysian flag carrier, Malaysia Airlines, has expressed disappointment following the latest delay of the Airbus A380 jumbo jet. The airline said it is now considering all available options.

We are very disappointed with this further delay and are currently awaiting a clear delivery plan from Airbus, the carrier said on Wednesday in a statement.

The airline and its holding company, Penerbangan Malaysia Berhad, nevertheless said that discussions with Airbus regarding the issue will still take place.

The airline’s chief financial officer, Tengku Azmil Zahruddin, said the delay will not pose danger to the company’s turnaround plan to regain profits.

The delay has also fueled the rage of some groups including the Malaysian Airline System Employees Union, whose Secretary, Mustafa Maarof said the airline did not need the plane while warning of financial difficulties in meeting maintenance costs, according to the Associated Press.

Aviation enthusiasts in Malaysia, who have long anticipated delivery of their first national A380, have also expressed discomfort.

However there could be good news according to one analyst.

As part of its turnaround plan, this delay may allow Malaysia Airlines more breathing room to sign code shares and consolidate its routes, Chris Eng, OSK Research analyst said according to AP.

The airline had ordered six of the A380 jumbo jets several years ago when the company was doing well, only to fall into deep financial crisis not long after. Layoffs and route cancellations followed.

The newest announcement from Airbus means that the A380 is now two years behind its scheduled rollout.