The man behind the viral “Yes We Can” video is back with another all-star video in support of President Barack Obama. The new video centered on the president’s slogan of “forward” features Ne-Yo, Natasha Bedingfield, Herbie Hancock, Johnny Reznick of The Goo-Goo Dolls and Delta Rae.

Fred Goldring, the producer of the “Yes We Can” video that featured, decided on creating an exclusive song in 2008 in support of Obama’s campaign for the presidency. Songs have always been used by candidates but they have always been hits that were not created for a particular candidate or campaign, notes Goldring in his blog post to The Huffington Post.

Inspired by the campaign and Obama’s speech at the Democratic National Convention, Goldring reached out to to create the “Yes We Can” video which also featured John Legend and Scarlett Johannson. Not surprisingly, many people were curious as to what was next for President Obama’s re-election, notes Goldring.

According to Goldring, “Frankly, trying to produce another song and video was not something I had ever seriously considered since last time we had created something unique and historical.” Like most discoveries, Goldring had a “Eureka!” moment, “So about two weeks ago, a song popped into my head in the middle of the night, and literally woke me up,” notes Goldring.

Instead of building the song around a speech, like Goldring had done for the “Yes We Can” video, Goldring used Obama’s DNC speech as lyrics to the song. After finalizing “Forward” with the help of Danielle Brisebois and Gregg Alexander from The New Radicals, getting artists to sign up was rather easy.

The video already has its critics. According to Legal Insurrection, “What I find most interesting is that there is a delusion to the video which cannot be overstated. These people act as if the past four years never happened.”

The video “Forward” features Ne-Yo, Natasha Bedingfield, Herbie Hancock, Johnny Reznick and Delta Rae and you can view it below.