In a tragic incident, Timothy Bolognani, 49, accidentally shot and killed his friend, Benjamin Birch, 39, while the two were out hunting for deer, in Vermont on Saturday.

Initial reports from the police suggest that Birch shot a deer that although wounded, managed to escape. Birch and Bolognani, accompanied by a third friend, Mark Colford, were tracking the animal through the woods.

Bolognani must have believed he heard something in the undergrowth and fired at the sound. However, it now appears that he shot and fatally wounded Birch, instead. Upon discovering Birch's body, it is believed that Bolognani, overwhelmed with grief, turned his gun on himself.

The Vermont State Police were informed of the incident on Saturday afternoon and have reported that they suspect no foul play.

Autopsies on Birch and Bolognani will be performed in the near future.