A Philadelphia man has been murdered after his ex-girlfriend, and the mother of his child, posted a note on Facebook promising $1000 for killing him.

Corey White was shot once in the chest on Monday evening after an argument with at least one suspect, who was later seen fleeing in a brown vehicle, a Philadelphia police spokeswoman said, according to ABC News.

"I will pay somebody a stack to kill my baby's father." This was posted on Facebook earlier this year by 20-year-old London Eley who announced a reward for killing her ex-boyfriend. According to the police, a "stack" referred to $1000.

A man identified as Timothy Bynum allegedly responded, "Say no more ... what he look like ... where he be at ... need that stack 1st."

Both London Eley and Timothy Bynum were in jail at the time of the murder and have been in custody since mid-June in the Philadelphia County jail. Eley is being held on solicitation to commit murder and terroristic threat charges while Bynum was arrested on four charges, including attempted murder.

Gerald Stein, Eley's attorney, told ABCNews.com that his client had nothing to do with White's death.

"I know where my client is and therefore I know where she wasn't," said Stein, explaining Eley and Bynum were in jail when the shooting occurred. "I recognize there is a coincidence in timing between the hearing yesterday and the death of Mr. White, but at this time that's all it is. And I don't think premature conclusions are warranted for my client or the co-defendant," Stein said.

Bynum's lawyer, Lopez Thompson, told the AP that Bynum didn't intend to murder even though he responded to the Facebook message and that his family is devastated about White's death.

Philadelphia police are investigating the shooting. "There is no motive at this time," said Tanya Little, police spokeswoman.

Police haven't established any link between the Facebook message and the murder of White.