When most people think of the French Riviera, they think of picturesque beaches and palm tree-lined streets, not familial cannibalism. But the seaside town of Nice, France, is reeling after a Riviera man was arrested for reportedly dismembering and eating part of his 95-year-old grandmother.

The suspect has been identified by police only as Cedric A., a man in his 40s who is believed to be the victim’s grandson. According to the French news website The Local, the investigation was opened earlier this week when the victim’s daughter, named in French news reports as Arlette P., discovered that her mother had been dismembered and that her body parts had been scattered around her property in Nice.

After notifying police that something was amiss, investigators searched the house and property, discovering the victim’s legs stored inside a freezer and her liver inside a refrigerator. Further exploration turned up more body parts belonging to the deceased buried around the woman’s garden, and along the entrance to the home.

Police subsequently arrested Cedric A., and brought him into custody. During an interview with police, Cedric A. reportedly confessed to eating a portion of his grandmother’s body, Le Point reported.

The news publication reported that the police believe the suspect has suffered from ongoing mental-health issues and has previously been admitted to psychiatric institutions. The investigation, opened by prosecutors in Aix-en-Provence, is reportedly ongoing.

While the horrific incident might be the first of its kind for the beach town, it’s just the latest in a series of recent cannibal crimes. In March, former New York Police officer Gilberto Valle, better known as “Cannibal Cop,” was found guilty of planning to kidnap, cook and eat women. Although the 28-year-old did not follow through on those crimes, an FBI search of his computer yielded a list of 100 potential female victims.

Reports of cannibalism in North Korea also circulated in January, the gruesome result of what experts have dubbed a “hidden famine” within the impoverished nation.