A 67-year-old Bradley County, Tennessee man shot himself Friday after shooting his wife, his son, and his son's boyfriend.

The triple homicide shook Bradley County, including Cleveland, and also nearby Chattanooga on Friday, as police spent the entire day Friday at the home of the shooting trying to make sense of what happened in the bizarre murder case.

Neighbors said they were shocked that the man would shoot his wife, son and his son's boyfriend, saying the family was nice people.

Police said Charles Boling had argued with his wife, Gail, and left their home and went to the residence of his son, at 325 Baker Bridge Road. His son, Chuch Boling, reportedly lived there with his partner, Kenneth Kilgore. Kilgore and Boling, the son, had be scheduled to take a trip on Friday.

But that never happened as police received a 911 call at 6:58 a.m. on Friday that a deadly shooting had occurred.

Police reports say Chares Boling Jr. 47, the son, was found dead at the residence, along with the bodies of his mother and father. Boling's partner, Kilgore, was still alive in the house, but suffering from multiple gunshot wounds. Kilgore was airlifted to Erlanger Hospital in nearby Chattanooga, a Bradley County Sheriff's Office spokesperson said, and he was listed in critical condition in intensive care on Friday.

According to the Times Free Press, police believe Boling had argued with his wife the night before and that she had gone to stay with her son, at the Baker Bridge Road home. They think that sometime Friday morning Boling drove to the house and shot his wife, his son, and Kilgore before turning the gun on himself, committing suicide.

Several weapons were reportedly found in the home.

The Times Free Press reported that neighbors say Charles and Gail King lived at the Baker Bridge Road home 20 years ago but they had given it to their son and moved to Ooltewah. The Bolings have two daughters and a son, the one who was shot and killed by his father reportedly.

Neighbors said they had fond memories of the Bolings.

I loved Gail and her husband, Mary Lawson, Boling Jr.'s next-door neighbor, told the Times Free Press. They were real nice people.