Round-by-round updates:

Round 1: Both fighter touches gloves and started to box. Pacquiao releases jabs and Margarito shows no fear to face it and started releasing jabs. The two fighters are sizing up and very vigilant at the moment. Pacquiao move side to side. Margarito releases more jab, a nice move to his advantage. Clean move and punches from Pacquiao as he tries to size up Margarito. Round 1 is finished with a beautiful round from both fighters. Pacquiao's round.

Round 2: Pacquiao throws punches to Maragrio's face but Margarito is strong enough and landed some jabs. Margarito released a good upper cut for Pacquiao. Pacquiao tries to enter and break Margarito's defense. Pacquiao is now moving in and out and enjoy his speed advantage as Margarito tries to catch Pacquiao with his long reach. The two fighters are working hard to get the round but it seems that Pacquiao has the advantage to get this round. Pacquiao looking for a good hole and releases two hard straight shot. Pacquiao's round.

Round 3: Pacquiao initiate the firs jab. One two combination from Margarito and Pacquiao also set up one two combination. Pacquiao releases a nice body shot and upper cut. Margarito is blocking and receiving some of them. Margarito keep releasing a jab to derail Pacquiao's strategy and land a nice one but in return received a heavy one from Pacquiao. On the ropes, Pacquiao and Margarito exchanges punches but Pacquiao get a chance to get a nice position and releases three punch combination to Margarito's head. Fans are cheering. Margarito back on track and move side to side with care defense.  Both are exchanging jabs. Margarito is not stopping at pressuring Pacquiao and catching Pacquiao. Margarito catches Pacquiao with a nice right and Pacquiao in return pressure Margarito and become aggressive and throws a lot of punches, Margarito receives punches making distance and bell rang. Pacquiao's Round.

Round 4: Jabs comes from both fighters as the round start Pacquiao misses to land a hard straight shot. One two combination from Pacquiao and Margarito setup a right hook to body. Margarito is very hungry. Pacquiao moving back giving a signal saying let's get it on. And here they are! exchanging hard punches. Pacquiao escape from the ropes with beautiful move. Margarito with a tight defense is keeping his eyes on Pacquiao as he tries to escape from Pacquiao's flurry punches. Margarito received a bunch of punches from Pacquiao which causes Maragarito's eye to swell. Even so Margarito is so tough and undeterred by Pacquiao punches but started to stop from being aggressive.  Round by Pacquiao 

Round 5: The bell rang and both fighter on the ring face. Margarito jab first. Left shot by Pacquiao and jab from Margarito. Nice right hand straight from Pacquiao while Margarito move side to side. Another straight left shot from Pacquiao. Both fighter exchanges some punches. Pacquiao is very accurate. Pacquiao set one two combination with upper cut. Fans are cheering! Pacquiao receives hard punches from Margarito on the ropes. Worst time for Pacquiao, Pacquiao manage to escape. Pacquiao regain the momentum and release punches from different angles. Crowds are shouting! Pacquiao is excellent at throwing punches. Pacquiao on the ropes while Margarito approaching Pacquiao. In the middle of the ring they were exchanging punches as the round ends. Pacquiao's round

Round 6: Margarito is very aggressive. Pacquiao releases three combinations and then a nice right. Margarito tries to catch and pressure Pacquiao but the small guy is so quick. Pacquiao jabs Margarito release a nice uppercut send Pacquiao backwards. Both fighters are trying to get this round. Pacquiao releases rapid punch on Margarito's body. Margarito still very aggressive, pressuring Pacquiao. Margarito catches Pacquiao on the ropes. Nice hard body shot by Margarito on Pacquiao's  rib. Pacquiao's in trouble. Another hard body shot by Margarito seems sending Pacquiao to the canvas. Pacquiao manage to escape on the ropes. Margarito trying to catch Pacquiao but Pacquiao is circling and dancing while jabbing to stop Margarito's momentum. Nice round for Margarito. Margaritos's round

Round 7: As the bell rang the referee check Margarito's eye condition. The fight started and as Margarito jabs Pacquiao initiate a hard body shot. Margarito on defense while Pacquiao is targeting Margarito's swollen eye. Margarito cannot dance with Pacquiao's speed. Nice body shot by Margarito but received two hard left shot from Pacquiao. Margarito cannot see Pacquiao's punches that come from different angles. Margarito's face is swollen. Pacquiao on the ropes trying to evades the taller man. Margarito releases hard shot trying to catch up but Pacquiao escapes. Pacquiao throwing a lot of punches to Margarito's face and the round ended. A good round for Pacquiao.

Round 8: Margarito corner Pacquiao on the rope and throws heavy left and right body shot. Pacquiao able to handle Margarito's flurry and fire back and send Margarito to the ropes. Crowds are going wild.  A big left hook from Manny Pacquiao. Margarito set up straight jabs and send back Pacquiao on the ropes Margarito at its best releasing left and right to the body and nice upper cut. Both fighters exchanging fires. Margarito counter punch Pacquiao. Pacquiao undeterred by Margarito's attack and fire back. Crowd are going wild. Combination from Pacquiao and the round is up. What a great round. A round for Pacquiao.

Round 9: Pacquiao moving around as Margarito follows him. Margarito throw punches while Pacquiao moving on the ropes and catches Pacquiao with an effective hard right hook. Pacquiao slips away and moving around while in defense. Crowds are shouting and want more actions! Margarito constantly coming forward while Pacquiao moving side to side. Hard counter shot by Pacquiao. A round for Pacquiao.

Round 10: Referee check Margarito's swollen eye. And the round starts.  As his style, Margarito being aggressive received one two combination from Pacquiao. Another combination from Pacquiao and two hard left hook shot. Margarito's right eye is badly bleeding. Pacquiao is throwing one two three combination punishing Margarito. Margarito cannot see and becoming in effective. Pacquiao is control and very effective taking advantage and releasing hard punches. Pacquiao fans is cheering shouting Manny! Manny! Manny! Margarito undeterred and keep coming forward. Margaritos right is closed and cannot see. A huge right hook from Pacquiao shaking Margarito. Margarito is in trouble and Pacquiao trying to send him to the canvas and the bell rang. A big round for Pacquiao.

Round 11: Pacquiao controlling the fight. Margarito throws punches but not as effective as Pacquiao due to his swollen eyes. Pacquiao throwing combinations from different angles. Crowd is cheering. Margarito's eyes is bleeding. The referee stops the fight to check Margarito's eye condition. And the fight continues.  Margarito cannot see Pacquiao well. Maragarito release one hard punches and Pacquiao back on the ropes but return with three combination punches.

Round 12: Last round and both fighter touches gloves after the bell rang. Pacquiao dancing around the ring while Margarito try to catch him. Pacquiao punches but very light. Margarito throws one two jabs, he pressure Pacquiao, Pacquiao was force to release hard punches. Margarito move back and cover with tight defense. Fans are cheering! Pacquiao throwing punches, moving in and out, move side to side. Margarito cannot see Pacquiao. In the middle of the ring both fighter dance to the tune exchanging jabs and hard shot. And the round ended with a beautiful round for Pacquiao.