The world's oldest active movie director, Manoel de Oliveira, died Thursday in Portugal, according to Diário de Notícias. He was 106. Throughout his life and 83-year career, Oliveira oversaw production of dozens of feature films, short films and documentaries. Among his most famous works were "Aniki-Bóbó," "Eccentricities of a Blonde-Haired Girl," "Past and Present," " To Each His Own Cinema" and "I'm Going Home."

Just last year, he premiered "The Old Man of Belem" at the Venice Film Festival. At the time, Variety asked if it was his "farewell to filmmaking," but Oliveira responded that "of course" he planned to make more movies. Actor John Malkovich told the New York Times in 2008 that Oliveira always had something more to say and express in his work. “I don’t know if a career like his will ever be possible again,” Malkovich said.

On Thursday, news of Oliveira's death was published on the city of Porto's website, according to the Associated Press. No other details were available, but one of his colleagues, producer Luis Urbano, confirmed the death to Folha de S. Paulo.

Oliveira once told the Diário de Notícias that he wasn't scared of death. He said he thought there was some sort of afterlife. "Really, when you die, you loosen up the spirit. The spirit is like the air that comes out," Oliveira said in Portuguese. "When you leave, you lose your personality, which is all good and all evil. It's freed of good and evil and joins the absolute, which is the spirit of the setting, the absolute. It is God."

Following are some of the famous director's most noteworthy films, which are available on YouTube:

"A Divina Comédia"

"O Pintor e a Cidade"

"Vale Abraão"



"Benilde ou a Virgem Mãe"

"O Passado e o Presente"

"The Fifth Empire"