Wealthy Republican businessman Marc Cenedella, criticized for lascivious blog posts he published about sex and drugs, announced he was not going to challenge Kirsten Gillibrand for her New York Senate seat.

Cenedella, 41, had been traveling across New York trying to build support for a campaign against Sen. Gillibrand, a first-term Democrat. The announcement comes amid heavy criticism for a blog that contained entries like, Sexy vs. Skanky, High Quality Dope, and Dating Advice for Girly Girls.

The entrepreneur announced he decided against the run because campaigning in this accelerated election calendar is untenable for me from a business perspective, he said Tuesday in a statement published by the New York Daily News.

I look forward to doing everything in my power to help the candidate ultimately selected defeat Ms. Gillibrand and her errant policies for the sake economic growth of this state, he wrote.

Cenedella was a promising candidate on paper. After receiving his BA in Yale University in 1988 and MBA from Harvard in 1998, he went on to found job-recruiting site TheLadders.com. Party officials loved his self-made background and deep pockets.

His sterling reputation was quickly tarnished when The New York Times was tipped off to a site titled, until recently, The personal blog of Marc Cenedella. TheLadders.com includes career advice and other self-help articles about the job search. Also mixed in were random observations about dating, women and weed.

According to a New York Times article from last week, his company said the site was not written by him, but was a staging site that contained testing content from a wide variety of sources, including spam from automatic spiders. His spokesman, Bill O'Reilly, said the posts were written between 2003 and 2008 by five or six writers, according to Metro.us.

New York Magazine reported some of the articles may have been written by Cenedella's wife, Angela. A source told the magazine Angela wrote similar content on a luxury lifestyle blog called Vie Society.

A few days later, Marc Cenedella claimed responsibility for the entire website on an interview with Albany-based Capital Tonight.

I can't tell you which author wrote which one, Cenedella said. I'm the publisher; I take responsibility for the whole thing.

The questionable blog posts can no longer be found on Blog.TheLadders.com, but The New York Times has summarized the most controversial ones:

A New Holiday for Men

This post links to a site that designates March 14 a day in which women should offer steak and oral sex to their significant others how much you care for him. According to Urban Dictionary, some people in American culture have declared the date as Men's Valentines Day.

Omarosa Jock Straps

This post linked to an article about a potential clothing line named after the infamous villain of Donald Trump's reality show, The Apprentice.

Sexy vs. Skanky

This article was reportedly written for ladies to help them differentiate between what makes them sexy and what makes them skanky.

Reasons to Have More than One Wife

The New York Times doesn't list the title of this blog entry, but it reportedly liked to a site that uses the Bible to justify polygamy. I wasn't so sure about all this Bible stuff, the entry said, according to the Times, but I'm starting to cotton it.

Other headlines in the blog included:

Dating Advice for Girly Girls

He Stole My Weed

High Quality Dope.