Although, “Suicide Squad” is one of the most anticipated films this summer, the studio producing the movie is getting slammed for Photoshopping the butt of its star actress, Margot Robbie.

Rumors began to surface that the Australian beauty’s costume was digitally altered by Warner Brothers so they would appear more “family friendly” during television ads, according to The Sun.

Some media sites used photos to compare the actress’ bottom from an earlier trailer to a more recent one and it is clear that there is definitely a difference between the two. In the older trailer, Margot Robbie’s shorts are very tiny, resembling underwear and exposing her butt cheeks. Fast forward to a more recent trailer and the actress’ entire bottom is covered.

The star hinted that there is a very good chance her shorts were indeed Photoshopped and denied any knowledge of the digital alterations. “I didn’t know about that…having been there on the day, they were very small but wow, I wonder if they did? That would be extensive Photoshopping to do,” she told Australian radio station Nova969.

Her costar, Cara Delevingne, believed that Robbie’s butt was altered after hearing the interviewer explain that in more conservative countries, her bottom may make audiences uncomfortable. “100 percent…They have to do that,” the 23-year-old model stated.

No one really noticed the digital alterations until the Comic Con trailer premiered across the U.S. and several other countries displaying a covered up Harley Quinn.

It was not immediately clear whether Robbie’s original scenes displaying her short-shorts made the final cut of the movie, but fans will only have to wait one more day to find out. Along with Robbie and Delevingne, “Suicide Squad” stars Jared Leto, Will Smith, Viola Davis, Jai Courtney, Karen Fukuhara and much more. It hits theaters Friday.