Marie Osmond peed herself during a cruise ship performance earlier this month with brother Donny Osmond, brought on by a laughing fit when an audience member asked the former child star a question.

What was asked that caused Marie Osmond to pee herself?

Marie's camp told E! Online it's anyone's guess and no passengers of the Donny and Marie Cruise have come forward.

And while it's not clear what the question was that caused both Donny and Marie to drop to their knees in laughter, it is clear that Marie laughed so hard that she tinkled on herself and the stage. And, most importantly, she was a total good sport about it, E! Online reported.

Marie even wiped up her pee with her dress before crew members helped her out.

A question posed to her resulted in a laughing fit.

I just peed my pants, Marie said, according to ABC News. Oh ship.

Her brother, Donnie Osmond, played along, telling the audience, we promised you an experience.

Perez Hilton has video footage of the peeing incident, which can be viewed here.