Marilyn Manson collapsed during a concert in Canada Wednesday night but the shock rocker’s representatives later reassured fans, telling them Manson is recovering from a bout with the flu.

Concert attendees who were on hand for his performance in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, in Canada, took to social media after the show to report what happened. Apparently Manson, who is known for his shocking behavior onstage and off, was halfway through his song “Beautiful People” when he doubled over and passed out.

It soon became clear that the antics weren’t part of the show, leading fans to question if the singer had actually died. He was helped offstage but was not hospitalized, instead recovering in his hotel room.

“He’s fine. He had the flu, and he threw up,” Manson’s publicist, Jennie Boddy, told USA Today. “He’s recovering today, his day off. The tour goes on as planned tomorrow in Calgary.”

A review in Saskatoon’s daily newspaper, the Star Phoenix, reported that, until Manson collapsed, the show was a memorable one.

“It was dark and creepy, but so much fun -- from the costume changes to the moment where he threw a birthday cake into the crowd,” reviewer Chris Payne wrote. “Then it all ended rather abruptly with an encore of 'The Beautiful People,' where the 44-year-old rocker barely sang and then collapsed onstage. Maybe it was more theater, but it did seem strange when four roadies dragged him offstage. The house lights went up after just an hour, a very loud, sometimes sublimely odd, hour.”

Last year, Manson -- whose real name is Brian Warner, as his stage name is a combination of Charles Manson and bombshell Marilyn Monroe -- received a letter from the serial killer he shares his namesake with. The serial killer and former cult leader Charles Manson has started his own nonprofit from prison and contacted the hard rock singer in an attempt to gain some publicity.