UPDATE 6:59 a.m. EDT — YouTuber Marina Joyce shared a picture of her with her fans after a livestream, which was prompted as social media users raised concerns about the fashion vlogger's safety.

Despite Joyce's live broadcast, several fans still believe that the teenager may be in danger.

Here are some of the posts by fans on her YouNow channel.

"She was so afraid..," one user who went by the name PixelBitPlays wrote, while another said: "Moment of her clapping on my profile... clue or not ... sorry for spamming just worried."

A third user wrote: "She was about to explain her sadness then the kidnapper turned it off."

Original Story:

Fashion vlogger Marina Joyce finally responded to her fans, who were concerned about her safety after a video posted by her apparently showed her whispering "save me" in the first few seconds of the clip. Joyce took to her Twitter account early Wednesday to tell her fans that she is "totally fine."

Joyce also told her fans that she is planning to do a livestream Wednesday on "Younow" for those who want to watch her. The livestream would probably begin "around 12/1pm."

The teenager once again called her fans to come and meet her at an event on Aug. 3.

Earlier, Joyce's tweet about the event sparked fear among her fans, with some warning others not to attend it as it may be a trap.

Fans were concerned about Joyce after she shared a video Friday, dubbed “Date Outfit Ideas.” The video shows what appear to be bruises on Joyce's arms, and also a moment when she faintly says “help me.” Several theories made the rounds on the internet about what may have happened to Joyce, with some speculating that she has been kidnapped and is being forced to upload videos. Other than the kidnapping theory, some fans also pointed that Joyce could be on drugs, after many YouTubers complained her personality changed and that she has a far-away look in her videos.