Online retailer Newegg recently listed Nintendo’s upcoming “Mario Kart 8” for the Wii U. The racer game will launch May 30 and is the eighth installment in the main series. In the game’s online description, Newegg states that users will have the ability to design and create their own vehicles and tracks.

While Nintendo hasn’t confirmed this, it would be pretty interesting to custom-build your own vehicle and construct your own track. It’s like “Fast and the Furious.” Except with Mario. It’s also rumored that the title will come in a special red case, instead of the standard blue.

Unveiled at E3 last year, the game is already receiving positive attention. On Feb. 15, the game placed number one on the pre-order gaming list on Amazon Japan and ninth place on Amazon UK. Just a few days ago, “Mario Kart 8” was outselling the PS4 on Amazon’s Japan site. Though Sony’s next-gen console has recently become available to Japanese consumers, there already is a high demand for “Mario Kart 8” months before its launch – many believe the game will increase sales of Nintendo’s Wii U.