The battle for the New York Jets’ starting quarterback job is expected to be fierce, but much-maligned veteran Mark Sanchez doesn’t appear to be too worried about it. A series of new videos showing Sanchez partying with wine, women, and (brief) nudity have circulated on social media platforms this week.

The latest news of Sanchez’s provocative partying broke on Tuesday, when Deadspin obtained a Vine video uploaded by socialite Alana Kari. In the seven-second video, a dazed-looking Sanchez was spotted dancing with two scantily clad women, one them Kari. A second video, which appeared to show Sanchez and Kari attending a Napa Valley wine-tasting, was also uncovered. Kari has since deleted both videos.

On Wednesday, sports gossip website Terez Owens obtained a third video, in which the 26-year-old Jets quarterback appears to be engaging in a semi-nude dance party. The 20-second clip, which also features Sanchez and Kari, displays copious amounts of cleavage, wine, smoke and the former GQ cover boy’s exposed rear end.  

So, who is this mystery woman who so casually exposed Sanchez’s questionable vacation habits? Deadspin managed to track down several photos of Kari. Additionally, a 2011 interview identified Kari as a “bottle service girl” at Voyeur, a San Diego nightclub. It is not yet clear whether Kari and Sanchez are dating.

This isn’t the first time that Sanchez’s off-the-field habits have come under scrutiny. Over the last few years, the USC product engaged in high-profile relationships with actress Eva Longoria and model Kate Upton. In 2011, reports surfaced that Sanchez had engaged in the courtship of a 17-year-old girl.

Regardless of what he does with his free time, Sanchez is about one month away from officially starting his campaign to secure the Jets’ starting quarterback job. The four-year veteran will battle first-round draft pick Geno Smith for the right to be New York’s signal-caller.

(WARNING: This video contains brief nudity)