Mark Sanchez has found himself in a bit of hot water. The Jets quarterback has allegedly been linked to a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old girl.

Connecticut high school student Eliza Kruger provided with details of her fling with Sanchez, as well as pictures of his bedroom. The liaison took place in New Jersey where the age of consent is 16, so Sanchez won't find himself in any legal trouble. However, the NFL and its strict ethical conduct code are probably not too pleased.

According to the article, Sanchez and Kruger flirted and exchanged numbers at Lavo, a Manhattan nightclub, on New Year's Eve. When told she was 17, Sanchez was wary of taking things further, to which Kruger responded: 17 is legal in New York.

Kruger then bragged on Facebook of a text message she received from Sanchez.  When prodded by about whether the two hooked up, Kruger somewhat reluctantly replied, yeah. Fearing infamy from the article, Kruger later asked for the Web site to not run the story, but they did anyway.

This is not the first time Sanchez has been involved in a sexual controversy. While at USC, he was arrested for sexual assault, though no charges were filed.

Sanchez can at least feel good about not being in any legal troubles like his Gang Green predecessor Brett Favre, who is being sued for sexual harassment by two women who worked in the Jets organization.

A Jets spokesman said the team would not comment on Sanchez's personal life.