Gillette advert with Roger Federer, Thierry Henry and Tiger Woods.

Following the revelation last week that Tiger Woods, the World's number 1 golfer, is rumored to have had multiple affairs with women throughout his marriage, marketing gurus are weighing in on the effect this will have on the products that Woods endorses.

Speaking on Fox Business today, Michael Neuman, President of Amplify Sports and Entertainment, said he believes Oprah is the way out for Tiger Woods.

The ones that are buying the products that he endorses ... i think they are the ones that need to some type of reconciliation in his marriage and in his relationship. If he can do that, if he uses Oprah as a platform and it’s really sincere and genuine, I think he really stands a chance to repair his image and he can get back to getting back on the golf course, he said.

Neuman advises Tiger to follow in the steps of baseball player, Alex Rodriguez, who came out to speak publically after he was busted for using steroids. The controversy that Rodriguez faced, made him appear as amore approachable figure to the public, and Neuman thinks Woods should do the same.

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Separately, Smith College Professor Andrew Zimbalist also spoke on Fox Business, where he said the scandal makes Tiger Woods appear more real to the public after always having a squeaking clean and private image.

There is an argument out there that says Tiger has had this robotic consistency all these years and he's been a stiff, kind of predictable person always. He hasn't been very real. Maybe now he's real and maybe he has an additional appeal to certain groups because of that.

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