“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” will switch things up in episode 3 of Season 5 of the WE tv series.

According to the synopsis for episode 3, titled “Loose Lips Kills Relationships,” the quarreling couples of the hit reality-TV show will exchange partners, hoping to gain new perspectives about relationships. But it looks like the only thing that swapping spouses will do is create more chaos for the couples.

After the couples switch partners for the day, the five duos meet during dinner to share their experiences with the show’s directors, Elizabeth Carroll and Jim Carroll. While the experiment leads some of the reality-TV stars, such as Tara Reid, to have breakthroughs, others have breakdowns.

“Bachelor in Paradise” star Cody Sattler is just one of the participants in tears during the counseling session after making a regretful mistake. The episode 3 trailer shows Cody will be wracked with remorse over revealing a “huge secret” from Michelle Money’s past.

“I messed up today,” Cody admits during dinner. “But I love Michelle more than anything.”

Cody goes on to say that he didn’t reveal Michelle’s personal secret to be “revengeful,” which teases a dispute between the two. The reality-TV star explains that it was a knee-jerk reaction that caused him to air out Michelle’s dirty laundry. “I’m miserable.”

In addition to the dispute involving Cody and Michelle, viewers will also see Tara take a jab at beau Dean May. When Tara learns that Dean has described himself as the “center of attention,” she responds harshly.

“I let you be the attention because I’m always the attention,” Tara says. “You’re not on the cover of a magazine every week and no one’s Googling Dean May unless if you’re with me.” Ouch.

To watch the impending drama, tune in to “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars,” Season 5, episode 3 on WE tv Friday, June 17, at 9 p.m. EDT.