Tara Reid has a secret — a secret she doesn’t want to share with her “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” cast mates from the hit WE TV program. In a Season 5 sneak-peek video from episode 2 , titled “Over My Dead Body,” the reality darling is called out by her therapist for withholding information during their counseling session.

“Tara, when asked to talk about your life you skipped a big chunk of it,” the counselor says to the “American Pie” actress after she neglects to divulge pivotal moments from her chaotic story. “You took a whole chunk out because you didn’t want to do tabloid stuff. I’m trying to get your whole life but you won’t tell me about your whole life.”

Tara’s resistance to reveal her past begins to upset her co-stars, who have bravely disclosed their personal struggles throughout the therapy session. “If I have to talk about how I get cheated on you need to talk about whatever you went through in 10 years,” Brittish Williams says after Tara flees the room to avoid disclosing more intel on her wild life.

“Anytime you get too deep or try to go in one of those doors, Tara is going to turn into Usain Bolt on your a--,” Memphitz Wright says during a confessional.

Dean May, Tara’s “party boy” beau, trails behind the disgruntled actress after she speeds off to try to convince her to open up and to stop running away from her problems. “We can’t be the people who storm off like that,” Dean says before telling Tara that maybe she’s being “a bit sensitive about the situation.”

But it looks like Brittish has made it her mission to get to the bottom of Tara’s mystery.

“Tara is avoiding issues and hiding stuff. And I’m going to get to the bottom of it,” the “Basketball Wives L.A.” reality star says, adding that the tabloid stories about Tara must be true since she doesn’t want to discuss them.

“Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” Season 5 Spoilers
Tara Reid will keep a secret from her “Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars” co-stars in Season 5, episode 2 of the WE TV reality drama. WE TV

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