The couples are halfway through the “Married at First Sight” experiment, but some of them are already growing apart. The newlyweds are living together, and some of them are finding the closeness hasn’t made them fall in love. It’s made them want to spend time apart. In “Married at First Sight” Season 2, episode 8, two couples were unsure of their futures.

Jessica and Ryan D.

After Jessica Castro said Ryan De Nino stole some of their wedding money in episode 7, Ryan was angry. He told the cameras Jessica misunderstood, and the money wasn’t from their wedding gifts. However, he didn’t tell her that. He just walked away.

Jessica called in an expert to help. Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz said they needed to communicate better. She also said to be careful of the words they choose and wanted them to be more respectful toward each other. Jessica said she felt Ryan wasn’t really listening.

The next day, the two weren’t speaking. When Jessica tried to take another drawer for her clothing, Ryan got angry. She said he had offered it, and suddenly Ryan accused her of pretending to be a victim.

Ryan went out with his friend JoJo and vented about his problems with Jessica. Ryan admitted he realized he had some issues on which he needed to work. He said he was committed to Jessica but wasn’t sure if their marriage would work out.

The silent treatment continued in their apartment. Ryan said he felt he’d been disrespected, and Jessica apologized to end the fighting. She also asked him to explain what exactly set him off, but he said his wife should know. Jessica said she couldn’t know because they were strangers until three weeks ago. He said it should be common sense, and she didn’t appreciate being talked down to. They ended up fighting, and he walked away again.

Ryan told the cameras he knew he didn’t have the best reaction during their fight. “It’s hard to put your best foot forward when you have taken so many steps back,” he said.

Jessica decided to start on their homework from Dr. Pepper. They were supposed to tell each other a few things they liked about each other every day. Jessica said she appreciated he let her move in with him before they got a new place together. However, Ryan couldn’t think of anything he liked about his wife. Instead, he pointed out problems in her communication skills.

“It doesn’t help me when I feel like someone’s putting me down,” Jessica said. Ryan saw her crying and grabbed a tissue for her. He said he was still committed to making their relationship work.

Davina and Sean

Davina Kullar said she was adjusting to her split living situation with Sean Varricchio. Sean lived in New Jersey on the days he worked there. Sean talked to his cousin about his problems. He said he was paying bills in both places, and it felt like he was leading two lives. After they talked, Sean realized he needed to commit to New York City if he wanted to commit to his wife. While he couldn’t leave his job, he could try to better adjust to New York.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.  

Jaclyn Methuen and Ryan Ranellone were still very happy after consummating their relationship. When they went food shopping, Jaclyn didn’t want Ryan to pay for the groceries. She said she was independent, but she also told the cameras she wanted to push his buttons. Ryan said he was aggravated, and Jaclyn realized she might have pushed too far. She didn’t want to make her husband feel emasculated.

As Ryan and Jaclyn shopped for some essentials, Ryan realized he was homesick. Jaclyn pointed out he didn’t have to choose between her or his family. It concerned Jaclyn, but they agreed they had to take things one day at a time. “I’m going to put the distance aside to keep Jaclyn in my life,” Ryan said.

When the couple went to visit Jaclyn’s family, Ryan mentioned he was still homesick. The emphasis on how much he missed his family, even though they were only an hour away, concerned Jaclyn. She worried it would be a roadblock for their relationship, and she knew she couldn’t do anything about it. It even made Jaclyn worry Ryan didn’t feel as strongly about her as she did about him.

Jaclyn was headed out on a business trip for a couple days, and Ryan actually seemed grateful. “I just need quiet, and it’s nothing against her,” he said.

Before she left, Jaclyn said she knew he needed a break. Ryan admitted he didn’t know where they were going after the six-week experiment period was over, and Jaclyn thought they weren’t going to talk about it anymore. Jaclyn decided his panic must’ve meant he didn’t want to be emotionally invested in their relationship anymore. She said they had a lot to think about while she was away.

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