jaclyn ryan MAFS recap
Jaclyn and Ryan finally started to seem like a real married couple in “Married at First Sight” Season 2, episode 7. A&E

Not everyone had a happy New Year in “Married at First Sight” Season 2, episode 7. Each couple continued to adjust to living together, and for some, that brought tensions to an all-time high. One couple, though, started a new phase of their relationship with the new year.

Ryan R. and Jaclyn

Jaclyn Methuen confirmed that she and Ryan Ranellone consummated their relationship. “It’s nice to know that I’m no longer in the friend zone,” Ryan said.

Ryan and Jaclyn shared many sweet moments as they told each other how much they loved being together. After Jaclyn’s wedding ring accidentally rolled under the oven, Ryan pulled it out for her. He got down on one knee and put the ring back on his wife’s hand. He took the opportunity to do what the experiment hadn’t allowed him to do: propose.

“Will you marry me?” he asked. Jaclyn, of course, said yes.

Jaclyn’s friends and sister came over on New Year’s Day. The conversation turned to kids, and Ryan said he wanted to wait a while before children. Jaclyn, however, is ready for kids. They decided to save that argument for another time.

Sean and Davina

Davina Kullar was worried about whether Sean Varricchio was actually willing to relocate for her. While he told the experts that he was OK with moving to New York, it turned out to be very difficult for him. He was sleeping at his New Jersey house without his wife on days he had to work, so he wasn’t living with his new wife full time.

“I should have made location a deal breaker,” Sean explained. “I guess in my head I didn’t think it’d be so much for me to handle.”

Davina confronted him as soon as he got home and they started fighting. While Davina understood that it was difficult, she said that she needed him to think of her a little more. They needed to live together in Manhattan for now to work on their marriage, and she was open to moving to New Jersey in the future. They agreed to this situation, and she thought he needed to put in the effort. However, Sean felt like she was pushing too much.

Sean walked out to clear his head, and when he came home, he called psychologist Dr. Joseph Cilona. The expert wanted Sean to focus on the present with Davina. They needed to develop their relationship before they started thinking about the distant future. Davina was happy that Sean talked with Dr. Joseph, and they agreed that they had to take things one day at a time.

Ryan D. and Jessica

Ryan De Nino was worried that Jessica Castro wasn’t really opening up to him. She wasn’t making any decisions, and Ryan wanted her to speak up. Just like when she let Ryan take over the closet in last week’s episode, Jessica continued to let him make decisions she didn’t necessarily agree with. Even when it was just about what she wanted for dinner, she let Ryan choose and didn’t voice her opinion.

“I’m terrified of being hurt,” Jessica said. “So for me it’s always easier to not discuss things and that’s the problem.”

Ryan and Jessica were getting ready to have a couple friends over for New Year’s Eve. However, the two kept getting into fights while Jessica got the apartment ready. When Jessica was ironing on the bed, Ryan started telling her that she was doing it wrong.

He told the cameras that he grew up with his grandparents being rather argumentative, and his grandmother accepted it because they were in love. Yet Ryan and Jessica weren't in love yet, and the new wife wasn't happy with how he talked to her. She stayed silent though.

Their friends Richelle and Scottie gave them some advice about living together on New Year's Eve. They said that they needed to communicate as much as possible. Ryan hoped that they would work on their relationship more in 2015. Jessica hoped that she would be able to open up more easily.

“Ryan knows that Jessica has trouble expressing herself and Ryan has to hold himself accountable as well,” Dr. Pepper Schwartz, an expert sociologist, said. “They have to communicate if they’re going to have a real marriage.”

Later, Ryan and Jessica ate sushi for dinner, as they often have done. Ryan claimed that Jessica didn’t cook much. He said, “Now just if I could get, maybe, a cooked meal or something. I don’t want to beg.”

“I don’t appreciate the way he speaks to me,” Jessica told the cameras.

Jessica finally tried to tell Ryan how she felt, but he cut her off and wanted to say what was important to him. The two started bringing up various things that were getting on their nerves, but the one thing that really angered Jessica was that he allegedly dipped into their wedding money. They said they would do something nice together with all the money from their wedding gifts, but Jessica said that Ryan took $100 and just put it in his pocket. Ryan was insulted that she thought he was stealing money and walked away.

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