The honeymoons are officially over for the “Married at First Sight” couples. In Season 2, episode 5, all of the couples returned from their honeymoons and had to face the real world. The newlyweds needed to determine quickly where they wanted to live and start new Christmas traditions.

Jessica and Ryan D.

After their first fight in episode 4, Ryan De Nino left the restaurant and Jessica Castro was left crying. He called tattoos and piercings “trashy.” Jessica was offended since she has both. He returned to the restaurant and said he just needed to leave in that moment. Jessica didn’t think it was an acceptable choice.

Ryan apologized for his reaction the next morning. Jessica was still concerned, but they decided to move on and start planning the holidays. They decided Jessica would move into Ryan’s apartment for a week before they looked for a new place together. As it turned out, it’s hard to find a new apartment the week of Christmas.

When Jessica returned home, she told a friend about her fight with Ryan. She admitted she feared getting hurt. Luckily, Ryan called her that night. While the cameras weren’t there for the conversation, Jess assured the audience the talk left her more confident.

Her husband was ready to be there for her. Ryan even got flowers and a Christmas tree for his wife (even though he is Jewish). He wanted to make his apartment feel as welcoming as possible. Once she settled in, Ryan apologized again, and Jessica agreed to forget it and move on.

The two decorated their tree on Christmas Eve, and they exchanged presents the next morning. They went to Ryan’s mother’s house for Christmas Day, and Jessica’s entire family was invited as well. Jessica was so happy her mother-in-law was so nice.

Ryan’s mother Gail revealed that after losing her own parents, she didn’t think she would have so much happiness on Christmas. When Gail asked Ryan and Jessica what happened on the honeymoon, Jess wanted to avoid talking about their fight. They only talked about the lighter parts of their vacation.

Davina and Sean

Davina Kullar and Sean Varricchio went to their separate houses since they lived in different states. Sean decided he was the one who should move to New York. Still, they weren’t going to pack up and move right away, so he went to his house in New Jersey for the holidays. 

Sean, an ER nurse, worked on Christmas Eve, but Davina went to his house after a Christmas Eve dinner in New York with her friends. It was Davina’s first Christmas with a significant other. She usually went to her family in California, but she wanted to spend the holiday alone with Sean. They decided to keep their families out of the mix and celebrate on their own.

They made Christmas dinner together and seemed to have a pretty relaxing evening -- until part of Sean's past came up. Davina asked him if he ever thought about names for children. Sean revealed he had because a girlfriend got pregnant last year. She had a miscarriage, and he explained what a loss that was for him.

Davina felt sympathy for her husband, but she noted she was a little concerned Sean married her within a year of that miscarriage. Still, Davina knew she could support him, and they had to look forward to moving in together.

Jaclyn and Ryan R.

Jaclyn Methuen admitted she was really starting to like Ryan Ranellone. However, they had to figure out their living situation. Ryan realized they were 80 miles from each other, and neither of them was happy commuting to work or family.

Ryan went home to Long Island without his wife and was greeted by his niece Kayla. He said he couldn’t imagine not seeing her open presents on Christmas morning. He decided to stick to his own traditions and opted not to go to Jaclyn's house to celebrate the holidays.

The real estate agent had to go shopping for his wife’s gift on Christmas Eve. Ryan had serious trouble figuring out what Jaclyn would like, but eventually, he remembered she liked leopard print and found a purse for her.

His wife came over later that night, and Ryan was hoping he could convince her to move into his mother’s house. Jaclyn said she couldn’t handle a two-hour commute to work every day, and Ryan realized they needed to get their own place.

Still, Jaclyn was trying to make the distance work over the holidays. She spent Christmas Eve making gingerbread cookies with her husband. She went back home for Christmas dinner with her family, but she came back to Long Island to exchange gifts with Ryan’s mother and his niece Kayla. Ryan was happy to see the three women in his life getting along so well.

The vodka sales representative gave Ryan his Christmas gifts and revealed she was listening to things he was saying on their honeymoon. She got him a steamer, which he said he needed, cologne that he liked and a couple bottles of alcohol.

Jaclyn giggled when she opened her purse, and Ryan thought that meant she hated it. Jaclyn told the cameras it was definitely not her intention to hurt his feelings, but she thought the purse was for someone a little older. However, the necklace he bought really impressed her, and Ryan was happy she liked one of the presents.

The two seemed much closer during the holidays, and Jaclyn admitted she was finally starting to fall for her husband, despite not being attracted to him early on. “Oh man, I have a crush on my husband,” she said.

“Married at First Sight” Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on A&E and FYI. Do you think Jaclyn and Ryan will finally start to feel like a couple? Sound off in the comments section below!