“Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 has focused on all the drama in Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner’s relationship, but episode 11 reminded audiences that Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion aren’t perfect. The couple are trying to move, and Jason is also secretly saving up for an engagement ring. That managed to send the two into a blowout fight over their finances.

Jason and Cortney

Jason’s half sister Jeanine has responded to his email, and they’re meeting in a coffee shop. When his sister shows up, they immediate recognize each other and share a tearful hug. Jeanine admits she looked for Jason and couldn’t find him.

She has a daughter who made him a little bear drawing, and says she told her daughter about “Uncle Jason” already. Jeanine is sad to learn that Jason’s mother died. She said Jason’s mom was always very kind to her.

Jeanine doesn’t have contact with their father either. They got into an argument years ago and stopped speaking. She tells Jason he is better off having grown up without the man. “I can’t justify what he did,” she says. “I don’t understand why he did what he did. But if I could do one thing for you today it’s to tell you that I think that it was a good thing, not a bad thing.”

Jason is surprised, and it seems to make him even more unsure of getting in touch with his father. However, it seems his sister is willing to be the family Jason feels like he has missed out on. She says they’ll be there for each other from now on. Jason is so excited he has a family member who wants to be in his life.

Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz points out that Cortney has always wanted to raise her family in North Carolina, and Jason’s new family might halt those plans. They’ll have to take some time to figure it out.

Jason tells Neph Rodriguez about his sister and explains that Cortney has been amazingly supportive. He wants to give her a real proposal and engagement ring. He has even been saving for the ring.

The proposal isn’t happening yet, though. The couple start talking about cleaning, and they bicker a little. They both agree they need a new apartment. They find a place available in the neighborhood Jason grew up in. Jason hopes Cortney will fall in love with the area and maybe forget about moving down South.

The couple needs to save if they want to move anywhere. Jason has been keeping his personal bank account, so Cortney doesn’t see that he is saving for the ring. Yet, Cortney wants to put all of their finances into their joint account. Jason agrees to start putting more of his money into the shared fund, but he won’t close his individual account.

Next time Cortney looks at their finances, the check Jason says he deposited hasn’t appeared in their joint account. Somehow, it becomes an argument about being messy and how hard each of them works. It’s a shouting match, and eventually, Cortney storms out.

“I know that he’s lying to me,” Cortney tells the cameras. “I will not be with someone who doesn’t think what I do is important because no one is going to undermine me like that. No one is going to talk down to me like that.”

Neph and Jasmine

Before their big fight, Jason and Cortney go on a double date with Neph and Jasmine Gaona at a rock-climbing facility. Cortney hears that Neph bought a house and asks Jasmine if she is excited. Jasmine explains she was not involved in the decision, and Cortney is surprised.

“I think Neph has an idea that he’s ready, but he doesn’t want to do what it takes,” Cortney tells the cameras. Jason doesn’t seem to agree. He thinks that since they aren’t married, Neph’s actions are understandable.

MAFS First Year Doug Hehner was happy with the steps Jamie Otis took in “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 11. Photo: FYI

Doug and Jamie

For once, Jamie and Doug are actually the couple who seem to be in a calmer place. The two put a lot of work into their relationship in episode 11, but Doug isn’t sure how much they can handle. His parents have a new dog, and Jamie wishes she could get a second pup. However, Doug says their marriage isn’t stable enough for another furry friend yet.

Doug dyes Jamie’s hair for her, which Jamie says is an exercise in trust. She tells Doug that she has been looking at therapists. Her husband is happy that she’s willing to work on herself for their relationship.

Jamie visits her new therapist, Dr. Johnny Lops, and explains that she is in therapy to prove to her husband that she is serious about her marriage. Jamie says her childhood wasn’t the best, and talks about her relationship with her sister. She says Amy Lynn was defiant when she was younger, and Doug is reacting to Jamie in a similar way now. Dr. Lops points out that Doug might be feeling that Jamie is trying to act like his mother.

Doug is really happy that Jamie is putting in the effort, even though discussing her past is difficult. “You think that you could see me as your wife forever, like for real?” Jamie asks. Doug says he can.

Jamie thanks her husband for being patient with her. “You’re definitely a better person than I am,” she says.

The therapy session makes Doug feel a lot more secure. He even tells Jamie they should get another dog. “I think it’ll be something I can do to show you that I do want to make an effort,” he says.

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