Money is pretty much an unavoidable subject in a marriage, but that won’t stop Doug Hehner from trying to dodge it. “Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2, episode 2 showed Doug and his wife Jamie Otis struggling to agree on financial matters. Actually, the couple had trouble agreeing on anything in this episode of the FYI reality show. In the premiere, they explained they were in a rough patch, and this installment highlights just how much of a turn their relationship has taken. While Jamie and Doug argued, Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion opened up to each other and seemed to strengthen their relationship.

Jamie and Doug

Jamie admits their sex life has dwindled and they aren’t spending much quality time together. They talk about reconnecting, and Jamie says she would rather Doug communicate with her than try to get her in bed. However, Doug still worries his wife isn’t attracted to him.

“I would love for me to know that you’re attracted to me,” Doug says. Doug claims she never looks at what he wants. Jamie apologizes and says they need to connect. However, they don’t agree on how they should do that.

It’s not just her love life that’s been difficult, but Jamie’s social life has also been a little rough. Jamie sees a friend from New York and reveals she doesn’t get to see her friends very often. She and Doug moved to New Jersey to be closer to his job and his family, but Jamie’s friends can’t always drive an hour to see her. She finally gets one of her co-workers to visit her, and she vents about her frustrations. She says she wants to be content in her relationship, but she and Doug just aren’t on the same page right now.

“I can’t help but wonder sometimes if I made the right choice,” Jamie admits.

Later, Jamie wants to strategize about how to save money so they can buy a home. Instead of looking at the receipts she organized and talking about it, he starts balancing a bunch of rolls of toilet paper. Jamie doesn’t appreciate that he goofs off whenever she wants to talk about something serious.

Doug’s wife tries to talk to him about changing some of their spending habits. Jamie notes she doesn’t understand why he gives money to his parents to make his car payment. He says it’s because they’re more responsible than he is. Jamie is concerned he isn’t transitioning well to moving out of his parents’ house, but Doug abruptly ends the conversation.

“I know I’m not great at finances. Being reminded of it doesn’t help at all. It’s a total lack of understanding me and my point of view,” Doug says.

On a trip to get ice cream with his father, Doug explains buying a house is a scary investment for him because they’re going through a rough patch. He feels his wife judges him for his past even though he always accepts her issues. Doug’s father says Doug has to consider Jamie’s past. She has a lot of trust issues, but she has also made Doug a better person.

“I’m going to do everything that’s humanly possible to make this work,” Doug tells his father. “I’m not out of this marriage. I don’t want this marriage to be over, but it’s getting to that point where it really feels like she just doesn’t care. I don’t know if this is even going to last. I really don’t.”

When Jamie gets home, she sees Doug has left a mess in the kitchen. Doug says he’ll clean it up later, but she starts clearing the mess anyway. She gets frustrated and Doug feels she just wants to nag him.

MAFS 1styr CortJason Cortney Hendrix and Jason Carrion bonded in "Married at First Sight: The First Year" Season 2, episode 2. Photo: FYI

Cortney and Jason

Jason is going to a signing for his cover of the New York Firefighters calendar, and he says it’s probably a good thing Cortney is working in Connecticut. However, the makeup artist’s project finished early and she surprises Jason during his signing.

“I’m a little jealous because I don’t really like sharing him,” Cortney tells the cameras. “They can look, but they can’t touch.” Cortney doesn’t tell Jason how she is feeling, even when her husband says he is proud she isn’t jealous.

Later, Jason and Cortney decide to go through his mother’s old portfolio. Jason struggled with talking about his mother right after her death last season, but he seems to be more at ease talking about her now.

“When Jason tells Cortney about his mother, he’s opening up to her in a way that he doesn’t open up to people,” sociologist Pepper Schwartz says. “And it’s saying, ‘I’m going to be intimate with you, and you need to know this.’ I think that’s probably the core of what marriage is.”

Cortney is happy she can sit with him while he looks through all his mother’s artwork. However, watching Jason go through his mother’s stuff, Cortney starts to think about her grandmother’s death. She died right before Cortney met her husband, and she realizes she hasn’t told him much about that experience.

She talks to Pepper about her grief. Cortney reveals she doesn’t know how to tell Jason about her pain. It was her first experience with death, and she still doesn’t know how to cope with it. She didn’t want to tell her husband in the beginning because she didn’t want her grief to compete with his grief over losing his mother. Pepper says she has to tell her husband how she feels.

Cortney plans a bowling date with Jason. She finally reveals she is still in pain over her grandmother, and he is very supportive of her. “You’re not superwoman. Sometimes you have to confide in me and tell me how you feel,” Jason says. He knows that his wife puts him first often, but she needs to let her husband take care of her too.

Neph and Jasmine

Neph Rodriguez is Jason’s childhood friend who is taking a cue from Jason and getting serious with a girl very quickly. He’s been maintaining a relationship with Jasmine, a woman who lives in Texas. However, she will soon move to New York to be with him.

Neph is getting his place ready for Jasmine when she calls on Skype. He worries about how much space she’ll need, especially after his mother inspects his room. Neph was going to give his girlfriend just a drawer or two and some closet space, but his mom points out that she probably has even more clothing than he does. Because Neph is saving up for a house of his own, he is living with his mother and brothers, so he doesn't generally have much space. Neph will have to do some rearranging and cleaning out before his girlfriend comes to the city.

“Married at First Sight: The First Year” Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EDT on FYI.