mafs first year jamie doug 1x04 recap
Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner discussed their issues in the bedroom on "Married At First Sight: The First Year" Season 1, episode 4. FYI

“Married At First Sight: The First Year” Season 1, episode 4 proved that each couple would have more challenges. Although Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner decided to wait to have children, Doug wondered why his wife never initiated sex. Meanwhile, Jason Carrion and Cortney Hendrix were about to overcome their biggest obstacle: Jason's training. Jason’s fire academy graduation finally came in episode 4, but it turns out their issues didn’t end with the academy.

Jason and Cortney

After last week’s scary wrestling match, Jason wasn’t in great shape after his fight, but luckily, he didn’t have to go to the hospital. He realized he was probably risking too much by heading into the ring so close to graduation. The firefighter-in-training admitted he had broken bones and concussions from wrestling before, and he was lucky to avoid a big setback like that.

Later, Cortney came home and told Jason she would officially be done with work at the end of the month. However, she didn’t want to move to another office job. She wanted to be a freelance makeup artist again while she started her own makeup line. Jason was supportive of her dreams, but he wasn’t sure he could support both of them. “We have savings, a little bit,” Cortney said.

“I have savings,” Jason said. “You have the other thing -- debt.”

Cortney assured her husband she knew what she was getting into. She was a little disappointed Jason couldn’t be excited for her, but Jason was worried about the money she would have to invest in a business.

At least their worries about his training were over. Jason finally finished his time at the academy. “It has been long, it has been hard, and I am beyond ready to have my husband back,” Cortney said.

He took a moment to reflect about his deceased mother on graduation day. “She was so confident that I was going to do it,” Jason said. “If it wasn’t for her and how she raised me and what she did for me, I wouldn’t be the man who I am today.”

Jason was officially a New York City Firefighter. At his celebration dinner with Cortney and their friends Josh and Neph, Jason realized he wouldn’t have met Cortney if the fire academy didn’t delay his entrance. He was supposed to start in January, but a processing issue prevented his start and left him with the time to join “Married At First Sight” where he met his wife.

Neph reminded Jason it was his turn to be there for Cortney now. “Cortney was there for my dream and I want to be there for hers,” Jason said.

Yet, they were about to find out the stress doesn’t stop at graduation. Jason got his schedule from work, but he got the worst schedule because he was the newest firefighter. He had to work through his first Thanksgiving with Cortney. “I understand, but at the same time it doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt my feelings or make me sad,” Cortney said.

With her family in North Carolina, Cortney decided she wanted to go down south for the holiday weekend. Jason wanted her to stay in the city so they had some time together, but they didn’t come to a resolution before the episode ended.


At lunch with Cortney, Monet filled her friend in on the details of her love life. She was still seeing Garritt and Daymon. She explained how chivalrous Garritt was, and Cortney asked, “Is that the exact opposite of Vaughn?”

Monet dished that her new guys weren’t at all like Vaughn. They communicated and were much more of what she wanted in a man.

Later, Monet got to catch up with Jamie in New Jersey. She went to Jamie and Doug’s housewarming party. She didn’t really know anyone, but everyone knew her. They watched her on “Married At First Sight” and had plenty of questions about life without Vaughn.

“I want to date casually, not tie myself down, but have fun dating,” Monet said.

Once she finally got to sit down with Jamie, her friend wasn’t so quick to talk trash about her ex. “I feel like the six of us have experienced something no one else has in America,” Jamie said. “And I feel like we should be there for each other, even if we don’t get along.”

Monet thought that was a nice thing to say, but she wasn’t about to reach out to Vaughn. They needed time apart.

Jamie and Doug

Doug was fine with doing the fertility test even though he and Jamie agreed to put off kids for a while. Doug would, however, like to practice making babies, but Jamie didn’t seem too excited about that.

Doug revealed he had a much higher sex drive than his wife. It took two months after the "Married At First Sight" experiment ended before Jamie had sex with Doug. While Jamie did have sex with her husband, she still didn’t want have sex as much as her husband. Jamie said they had plenty of steamy nights. “Our sex life was hot and heavy for a little while but now life is kicking in and we’re back to the real world,” Jamie explained.

They decided to sit down with sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff to go over their issues. Dr. Logan reminded them they shouldn’t compare themselves to friends or the Internet to determine if they’re having enough sex. “It’s not really about the number, it should be about the quality of the connection,” she said.

Doug noted he had a higher sex drive than his wife. He was always the one to initiate sexual activity, and it made him wonder if she was sexually attracted to him. “I think he’s saying to you he wants you to be able to verbalize in some way to him that he’s as wanted to you as you are for him,” Dr. Logan explained.

Jamie felt bad after hearing Doug's concerns. She never wanted him to feel that way, and she insisted it wasn't true. She knew she had to put in more effort to make Doug feel loved.

After her housewarming party, Jamie also wanted Vaughn to feel the love (in a more platonic way, of course). She pushed Doug to get in touch with him. Despite twitter feuds and ugly divorces, she was worried about Vaughn. No one really talked to him after his breakup with Monet. Doug said that he might give the fellow “Married At First Sight” star a call to see if he was okay.

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