In “Married At First Sight” episode 6, the couples are two weeks into their relationship. A lot couples try to determine if they are exclusive two weeks into their relationship, but obviously, things move a bit faster on the FYI show. The participants are working on their relationships and trying to be vulnerable with each other. However, this is one thing that the show can’t force couples to speed up. “Emotional intimacy is something that develops over time and we can’t expect for that to happen immediately with a total stranger, even if you are married,” sexologist Dr. Logan Levkoff explains.

Jason and Cortney

Cortney and Jason still seem to be on cloud nine, but that might be because they don’t talk about uncomfortable subjects.

Cortney has lunch with one of her best friends. She mentions that the sex is good and that she really does like him. But she is worried that things are going to take a turn soon. She and Jason still haven’t talked about kids and she isn’t sure they’re on the same page.

Dr. Logan comes in and talks to the couple separately about their experiences and how their relationship is going. Both are extremely private about their relationship.

“I’m not really accustomed to being really open about my sexual experiences,” Jason tells the audience.

When Dr. Logan asks about sexual compatibility, the EMT simply grins and says, “Can’t complain.”

“There’s so much stuff that we still don’t know about each other,” Courtney says. “Like religion, family, kids, things you need to know in order to make a decision after five weeks of marriage.”

Jason knows that he has to let Cortney in, so he brings Cortney to Coney Island, a landmark he grew up going to. Showing Cortney parts of his life are important, but he’s going to need to do a little more than that to get to a place where he can be emotionally vulnerable with Cortney.

Dr. Levkoff leaves them with some homework. The have to pull questions out of a fishbowl and answer all of the questions. The fishbowl homework allows couples to practice speaking openly and listening. It also gives them a chance to learn more about each other. The two don’t say anything too revealing, but Jason says his best decision in his life so far was marrying Cortney.

The sexologist also drops off their wedding photos. The couple loves reminiscing about the day they met (two weeks ago). “If there was an outsider looking in, we could show them those photos and they would never know that we had just met each other,” Cortney says.

Vaughn and Monet

Monet explains to the audience that she and Vaughn still have sex when they’re mad at each other. The sex is making them avoid actually working out their issues because they just ignore their fights after they have sex.

Dr. Joseph Cilona, the psychologist, assures the audience that they are highly compatible on paper, but they need to work on their issues. The couple knows that they have work to do and are happy that Dr. Logan is visiting them.

She speaks to them separately before bringing them in for a joint session. She asks them to speak about what they like and dislike in their partner. Vaughn says he likes how bubbly Monet is, which is exactly what he called annoying last week. Monet mentions that she would like Vaughn to stop going into his shell, and Vaughn excuses himself to get some water. When he comes back, they talk about trust and honesty. Vaughn knows that Monet is careful when she chooses her words during their arguments, and he wants her to know that he can handle the truth.

The sexologist asks about their favorite moments so far. The couple mentions that Monet had to urinate between two cars last night, and Vaughn held her hand while she relieved herself. That’s love.

Dr. Logan leaves them with the fishbowl full of questions to ask each other. Vaughn and Monet are racy enough without Dr. Logan’s questions, so audiences don’t see any of their answers.

Their wedding photos make them laugh. Monet says, “The wedding album represented hope. Going through that was a reminder why we signed up for this experiment. We wanted to be married and we committed to making this work.”

It seems like they’re about to be on a better path, but things quickly take a turn for the worst. Vaughn has to be at his job for two days, and when he comes home, Monet is having a girls night. Vaughn feels like this means that she isn’t committed to their relationship. He thinks there is a divide between them. Monet says, “It’s a divide because you’re angry all the time, every day.”

Doug and Jamie

Jamie has never had positive relationships before, so her relationship with Doug is really different. Doug is trying to be patient with her.

“I don’t think she wants to take her guard down because she’s afraid that I’ll take advantage of that,” Doug says.

Doug’s mom is still extremely skeptical of Jamie because she hasn’t gotten to spend any time with the family. Doug brings her to New Jersey for lunch with his siblings. Jamie’s schedule is still keeping her from Doug’s family. She’ll even have to work on Easter.

Dr. Logan stops by to talk about intimacy, and Jamie and Doug have come a long way. Jamie admits that she still gets changed in the bathroom, and they haven’t had sex yet. However, she is much more comfortable with physical affection at this point in their relationship.

Jamie is asked to tell Doug something that she really likes about him. “I think you’re really cute. I like your body,” she says. This is quite a change from Jamie’s initial impression of Doug.

Dr. Logan notes how guarded Jamie is and how committed Doug is. She hopes that Jamie can allow herself to be vulnerable enough for this relationship.

Doug and Jamie’s wedding photos are a little awkward because they don’t have the best memories from the day. Jamie was worried that she had made a horrible decision, but she knows that she is happy now.

Jamie and Doug light some candles and do their intimacy homework by pulling questions out of the fishbowl.

The first question is about unusual sexual encounters and both get a little flustered. Jamie doesn’t seem to answer, but Doug tells her that a girl once asked him to scratch her back while they had sex to the point where she was bleeding. It’s awkward, but they seem to laugh their way through it.

After Dr. Logan's visit, the two decide to take a ballroom dance class and choreograph their first dance. They use the wedding song that Jamie wrote with her friends and create an “official dance” for it. It helps them associate some positive memories with the song and their wedding day.

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