The “Married at First Sight” couples are a week away from decision day. With the end of the experiment so close, they decided to spend some time with the in-laws. The husbands each wanted some support from their wives’ parents in Season 4, episode 12.

Tom and Lillian

Lillian Vilchez’s dad doesn’t know she got married. It’s her father’s birthday, and their estranged relationship makes Lillian stressed. She can’t get in touch with her dad and hasn’t spoken to him in a year. He doesn’t pick up the phone when she calls, but Tom Wilson is there for her. He holds Lillian while she tears up after the phone call.

It’s Mother’s Day weekend, so the two bring their moms into town. Tom tells his mom that marriage is harder than he imagined. He isn’t used to Lillian’s dedication to her job.

When Tom asks Lillian about her job that night, she reveals that she lost a client. It’s making Lillian more stressed, and Tom worries about how her work affects her. She knows she doesn’t have the best work/life balance right now, but she is also working on building a future for herself with this job.

Lillian doesn’t talk about work while they’re entertaining their mothers, though. They exchange childhood stories that make them laugh. Lillian realizes that having Tom around really made her bad day much better.

The four go to a painting class and Lillian and Tom take very different approaches. Lillian follows the step-by-step instructions, but Tom starts doing his own thing. Tom’s mother says that he has never been a follower. Lillian realizes that Tom often doesn’t follow anyone else. That doesn’t matter in a painting class, but she isn’t sure how well that will work in a marriage.

Later, Lillian asks Tom’s mom for some insight. The older woman says Tom is a sensitive person and a free spirit. She reveals he always has to have attention, and Lillian has never thought of her husband that way. His mother brings up again that he isn’t a “suit and tie” kind of guy. Lillian knows that this is their biggest hurdle to overcome.

Meanwhile, Tom talks to Lillian’s mother about his wife. He wants to keep some traditions, despite their unconventional wedding. Tom decides to ask for Lillian’s mother’s blessing. There is a language barrier, so it’s a struggle for Tom to find the right Spanish words. Eventually, Lillian’s mother understands and tells Tom she absolutely gives her blessing. She thinks he is a good man for her daughter.

Nick and Sonia

Sonia Granados still isn’t living with her husband. She needs to be assured that her marriage is stable. Nick Pendergrast is frustrated that they’re still living separately, but he is putting the effort in.

Sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz recommends that she move back in to let their chemistry grow. However, Sonia doesn’t want to move in before she’s ready.

“If Sonia stays at her own place, it could be too much for them and it could end in divorce,” Dr. Pepper tells the cameras. She assures Sonia that she’s strong enough to do this.

Communication expert Rachel DeAlto sends them a pillow talk exercise. They ask each other about their expectations of home life with their spouse. Nick thinks they’re finally on the same page.

One of the questions is about a dinner party, and they can invite anyone dead or alive. Nick says he’d invite his grandmother, who died last year. He opens up about his close relationship with his grandma, and Sonia appreciates his honesty.

Sonia goes home, and Nick doesn’t feel like staying at her own apartment is good for their relationship. It makes him feel like she isn’t totally invested. “Not living here is not really a whole-hearted thing,” Nick says.

Sonia wants to bring her dad to spend time with Nick. If her father doesn’t like her husband, that’ll be a big red flag. Nick knows that this is a huge deal, so he is nervous about bonding with his father-in-law.

When they arrive, Sonia’s dad doesn’t waste any time. He asks Nick about his expectations and if he plans to be with Sonia forever. “For sure, and that was my expectation from the get-go,” Nick says without hesitation.

Sonia’s father advises them to “just talk,” and he thinks their marriage could last. Knowing that Sonia’s family is rooting for them makes Nick a little more relaxed.

Later, Nick and Sonia go golfing. Nick teaches her how to swing, and Sonia feels supported. He’s being very attentive and encouraging. They’re able to have fun together and make a bet about the loser buying dinner.

With one week until decision day, Nick knows that moments like this could really make a difference. “I just hope that she’s willing to see how much I really care about her,” Nick says.

They wash the dogs together, and they’re having a great time again. Sonia starts to think that maybe she should move back in.

Married at First Sight Nick and Sonia Nick Pendergrast worked hard to win back Sonia Granados’ trust in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 12. Photo: FYI

Derek and Heather

After meeting last week and making it abundantly clear that they’re not getting back together, these two are working on themselves. Derek Schwartz talks to Christine, an ex of his. At the recommendation of Pastor Cal Roberson, he wants some honest feedback about his personality.

Christine says he needs to work on his temper and his patience. He gets caught up in the moment a little too often. Derek agrees and knows that he has to work on these aspects of himself.

Heather Seidel allows her friend Amber to evaluate her, and she is brutally honest. “You can get a little psycho there sometimes,” Amber says. “You come off a little pretentious or stuck up.” Her friend points out that she’s also a kind person underneath her icy exterior. She has an unwavering upbeat attitude.

Heather is a little surprised by her answers, but she accepts the evaluation. She knows she is a control freak and a little too rigid. Heather says she can be sweet, but she realizes it isn’t anyone’s first impression of her.

Though they’re getting divorced, it looks like they’ll both be working on themselves to make their next relationships easier.

“Married at First Sight” Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8:45 p.m. EDT.

Married at First Sight Derek and Heather Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel learned what other people think of them in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 12. Photo: FYI