One month of marriage has lead the “Married at First Sight” Season 4 couples down three very different paths. While one pair overcomes a recent fight on the FYI reality show, another has to deal with conflicting priorities. However, newlyweds Derek Schwartz and Heather Seidel had to see each other again for the first time since deciding to get a divorce.

Heather and Derek

In Season 4, episode 11, the separated couple sees each other for the first time since splitting. They both think about the day they got married and their happy memories. “It makes me wonder, did I jump the gun?” Heather tells the cameras.

Communication expert Rachel DeAlto asks them what they’ve learned from “Married at First Sight.” Derek says he pushed himself in ways he never thought he would. Heather says she learned to trust herself.

Rachel asks them if they know when they want to file for divorce and how they feel about moving forward with it. There’s an awkward silence, but then Heather says she wants it as soon as possible. Derek seems a little offended and says he’s surprised she didn’t bring the divorce papers with her. Rachel asks them to tell each other anything they haven’t said yet.

“I do think you’re a good person and I hope the best things for you,” Heather says. Derek echoes the sentiment.

Heather tells the cameras she’d like to be friendly with him one day, but she really just hopes he finds happiness one day. Derek is still frustrated and disappointed. He says he has made an effort to reach out and be friends with her, but they’re probably not going to reconnect. Yet he’s still happy they saw each other.

Lillian and Tom

Lillian Vilchez is very focused on her job. She and Tom Wilson have their one-month anniversary dinner, and she’s running late. Tom worries that she might love her real estate job more than her husband.

Lillian turns his mood around pretty quickly. She takes a still frame from one of his surfing videos and has it turned into an art piece. She has bad news, though. She wanted to have personalized wedding vows ready for him today. They were planning to exchange vows on their anniversary, but she just didn’t have time. Tom lets it slide, though. He reads his vows to Lillian, and his wife is touched by the sentiment behind them.

Tom didn’t actually get her an anniversary gift, so he brings her a bouquet of her favorite flowers the next day.

The couple goes out together, and Lillian is distracted while in the car. She has a showing later that day, and Tom is offended that she’s not listening to him. He feels like he is putting in more effort than her.

Tom believes it’s his role to show her that work isn’t the most important thing. He decides to teach her how to surf. Lillian does have fun while riding the waves.

They go out bowling with some of friends and Lillian reveals to one of her pals that she is in love and excited about her marriage. Tom feels the same way. He thinks his wife needs to be more open, but that’ll take some time.

Decision day is less than two weeks away, and things seem to be going well. There are no guarantees, though. “That makes me scared and worried that Tom will, out of left field, just say that he wants to get a divorce. That would really hurt me because I do see myself falling in love with my husband,” Lillian tells the cameras.

Tom admits to the cameras that he is worried that Lillian doesn’t love him for who he is. He still isn’t sure that this marriage is more important to her than her job, but he is falling in love with her.

MAFS Tom Lillian Tom Wilson and Lillian Vilchez worried about decision day in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 11. Photo: FYI

Sonia and Nick

Sonia is still living at her own apartment and hasn’t put her ring back on yet. However, she and Nick are building the trust back.

Together they make sandwiches for the homeless, and they seem to be getting along well. Sonia isn’t quite ready to completely trust her husband yet. She is concerned that he’ll hurt her again.

Sonia says he doesn’t understand how much he hurt her, but Nick claims that he does. He just wants to move forward. He wants her to move back in too. He thinks it would be easier than just making plans throughout the week, but Sonia wants him to put in some effort.

They bring sandwiches to the homeless in Miami. Nick likes seeing Sonia doing this. She’s a social worker. She helps people all the time, and Nick realizes that this is exactly who he wants to be his wife. He is determined to fix their relationship. He helps get lunches to anyone they find, and Sonia sees how much he is trying.

They throw a Cinco de Mayo party together, and Sonia tells one of her friends that Nick also has a lot of qualities that she loves. However, she notes that they have some issues. Marrying a stranger comes with its own struggles. Nick feels they should have instant chemistry, and Sonia isn’t sure she can trust him yet. When her friend asks if they have a future together, she isn’t sure.

Richard, Nick’s best friend, asks about Nick’s relationship. Nick doesn’t answer when he asks if their marriage is working. Nick admits that sometimes he doesn’t even know what he wants.

Nick also claims that he is open. He answers anything that’s asked, but Richard points out that Sonia doesn’t know what questions to ask. Nick needs to offer information to her. He needs to compliment her. Richard says that Nick needs to get Sonia back in the house, but the new husband is going to have to do more than complain about living separately. He has to put work in. Nick seems to understand and agree with Richard’s advice. 

After the party, Sonia is a bit tipsy and Nick says that she should hang out for a while. She says she’s probably not driving home tonight. Will a night at the house make her want to move back in officially?

“Married at First Sight” Season 4 airs Tuesdays at 8:45 p.m. EDT on FYI.

MAFS Sonia Nick Sonia Granados was still living separately from Nick Pendergrast in “Married at First Sight” Season 4, episode 11. Photo: FYI