The “Daredevil” series ended up receiving critical acclaim from critics and it looks like “Jessica Jones” will be doing just as well, maybe even more. To celebrate the success of these Netflix shows Marvel Games have announced that the Netflix versions of Jessica Jones and Daredevil will be coming to “Marvel Contest of Champions” and “Marvel Future Fight.”

An article from Mashable revealed that Jessica Jones and Daredevil would part of a new six-chapter story quest for “Marvel Contest of Champions.” The story quest will have the Netflix versions of both characters as the leads and a new level based on Hell’s Kitchen, the setting of the “Daredevil” show.

It should be pointed out that the regular comic book version of Daredevil is already in the game. Apparently, the Netflix version of the character will have some unique moves or abilities from the comic book version, which is interesting to say the least.

The Netflix version of Jessica Jones will also be making an appearance in “Marvel Future Fight,” according to Comic Book Resources. She’s not the only character to come from a Marvel television series, as “Future Fight” previously added characters from “Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD,” including Agent Coulsen and Dixie Johnson.

While the Netflix version of Jones will be in both games, it looks like her original identity “Jewel” won’t be making the cut. “Jewel” was her superhero alias before she decided to become a private eye, since the Marvel Universe had too many super heroes already. She would later get married to Luke Cage and become a full-fledged Avenger.

As the trailers have hinted, the “Jessica Jones” show on Netflix will focus on her battle against Killgrave, who is known as the “Purple Man” in comic books. He was also her nemesis in the comics as well, making her life hell in unimaginable ways. It will be interesting to see if Killgrave makes it to the game, whether its his Netflix or comic book version.

Fans will be able to recruit Daredevil and Jessica Jones in “Contest of Champions” during mid-November, while no date has been given for the Jones appearance in “Future Fight.” “Jessica Jones” will debut on Netflix on Nov. 20.

Marvel Contest of Champions: Daredevil Spotlight (Credit: YouTube/Marvel Entertainment)