BioWare’s ‘Mass Effect 3’ has drawn flak over the weeks, mainly because of its alternate endings. Apart from that, there are a few glitches that have also raised questions among gamers and tech writers alike. But is it really fair to judge the game on the basis of those? Every game has its own problems and it is very difficult to find a perfect game without any glitches or technical issues. Although it can’t be denied that the flaws are endless, the game does manage to provide an addictive gameplay and slick shooting.

Here are five reasons why all the hate towards the game is not really fair.

An Answer to Our Questions: BioWare has raised several questions for the players ever since the release of the first game – ‘Mass Effect’. Even though the game has answered many of them, many major questions, like the history of the Protheans and the Reapers, remained unanswered. However, ‘Mass Effect 3’ successfully manages to answer all the big questions from the first two games and hence it is easily a huge success. Nonetheless, it is important to note that questions like how the Catalyst was created still remain unanswered.

The Ending Fiasco: People, over the week, have criticized ‘Mass Effect 3’ mostly because of its alternate endings with different people getting different climaxes. Many gamers and tech writers also expected an epilogue, or a final boss battle against the Harbinger. But that never happened. However, the ending was somewhat fitting and it was at least better than a lot of games in the market, for example, ‘Killzone 2’ and it’s not really a great thing to judge a game like that.

Multiplayer Mode: Very truly, the multiplayer mode of ‘Mass Effect 3’ is nothing like the ones offered by ‘Battlefield’ and ‘Gears of War’, but it’s not that bad as well. The main objective of a multiplayer is to provide fun and enjoyment and ‘ME3’ has been able, if not matching our desires, to deliver those factors. It also has to be remembered that the Single Player and the main story are the main focus of the game. The multiplayer does provide some smooth shooting although the leveling system is a bit complex. But that shouldn’t be a problem.

A Boatload of Glitches, So What?: Practically speaking, every game has its fair amount of glitches and although most of these are ignored, many still raise questions. Many people have expressed their disgust on the amount of technical issues and glitches that ‘ME3’ has brought along with it, but that’s just not fair. If glitches are the only reason why people hate the game, then they probably also hate games like ‘FIFA’, ‘Assassin’s Creed’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto’. Even last year, ‘Skyrim’, which was the game of the year, had a host of such issues. Moreover, the interesting fact is that although ‘ME3’ has its own set of glitches, they are not disrupting or breaking the game in any way.

The Experience: If every other issue with the game is kept aside, people will have to agree that the game is actually wonderful like its predecessors – ‘Mass Effect’ and ‘Mass Effect 2’. Although most have criticized the game because of its endings, they have also added that the game is brilliant to play and that BioWare actually pulled out a gem. But people, very surprisingly, are ready to forget the entire 30 hours of the addictive game play for the last 15 minutes of ‘Mass Effect 3’. This is neither fair nor really justified.

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