BioWare’s Mass Effect 3 is one of the most talked about games of the year mostly because of its alternate endings that have brought about a lot of criticisms from gamers and game writers world over. While no game is free of certain glitches in the system, ME3 has presented a series of weird glitches that you should take note of while you play the game.

Here are the top 5 glitches of ME3.

Falling off the Game Map: It is very interesting to note that in Mass Effect 3, if you’re pinned against a wall and use a health pack or a medi-gel at the same time right before a projectile hits you, you will weirdly fall off the map and will then have to use your ability to roll and shoot through walls to get things back to normal. Although the procedure is interesting and some players might gain something out of it, for others it can be pretty disorienting.

The Floating Commander Shepard: This is one which can be funny as well as irritating and disturbing at the same time for the gamers. Suddenly the player, like in old days when the video game industry was just starting to take shape, starts floating in mid-air. In the game, however, you will find that at one moment Shepard is walking like any normal human being, and in the next, he suddenly starts floating away. It may be a hilarious glitch in terms of watching, but can be a real irritating factor while actually playing the game.

God Mode (or Chuck Norris): This can also be a pretty awesome glitch where the player suddenly finds out that while his friend has just fallen off the map, he is not taking any kind of damage from enemy fire. Later, however, it turns out that the first team mate who fell off is taking all the damage while you are practically invincible. It may be an awesome glitch running towards the bad guys, shooting them down and not taking any kind of damage. Obviously it is cool but the game loses its reality factor.

Headshot of the Decade: Headshots form a special ability in the player’s arsenal where only a single bullet can kill an enemy from a fair distance. Although Mass Effect 3 is a pretty brutal game, taking out enemies with headshots always provides satisfaction. However, the one in the game is the king of all headshots ever taken. Although it is a glitch, it can be awesome to look at. A single shot is just enough to paint the wall in the background red with blood.

A Weird Distraction: Both Shepard and Liara are distracted while talking to each other for some entirely unknown reason and they never look at each other while the conversation takes place. However both the characters are pretty focused on something that is happening next to them. Nobody really knows what though.

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