The coming "Mass Effect 3" DLC known as "Leviathan" has just been given a release date -- Aug. 28. On that day, the single-player expansion will roll out to PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC players.

BioWare has confirmed the launch date and has also previously said that the DLC will cost $10, or 800 Microsoft points, to download. In addition to more plot points and underwater gameplay, the new "Mass Effect 3" DLC will feature uncharted systems, new areas of the Citadel, new characters and weapons including the AT-12 Raider shotgun.

"'Mass Effect 3: Leviathan' is the first story-driven, single player DLC to be made available since 'Mass Effect 3' Extended Cut.' Leviathan expands upon the events of 'Mass Effect 3' with gripping and emotional storytelling, compelling new characters, powerful weapons and unique upgrades," the official blurb from BioWare read.

The DLC's storyline will follow the hunt for "Leviathan," a creature known for killing Reapers. A Citadel scientist picks up the scent of "Leviathan," but is soon dead. It's up to protagonist Commander Shephard to investigate and track down the infamous creature. The "Leviathan" expansion is said to draw influence from the "Lair of the Shadow Broker," which is a DLC featured in "Mass Effect 2."

The add-on will also have an impact on the "Mass Effect 3" ending, which sparked controversy among the gaming community in March when the conclusion was deemed unsatisfactory by longtime fans of the franchise. Some dedicated players have been campaigning for a new ending ever since the game was launched, and BioWare has stood its ground thus far.

It was initially believed that the "Extended Cut" DLC, which was released at the end of June, would be BioWare's answer to the uproar from fans. However, that DLC did not offer any playable content and was only comprised of cinematic sequences to expand on the endings, not change them.

Now the developer is launching a DLC that may actually have an impact on the way the game ends. But even so, this solution may come too little too late, as most players have formed their final opinions of the series.

It seems that these opinions may have circulated before some fans had the chance to play the game. According to data revealed by BioWare's online development director, Fernando Melo, only 42 percent of people that played the game have completed "Mass Effect 3" to its ending. The numbers for "Mass Effect 3" were lower than the 56 percent of players who finished "Mass Effect 2."

Although many fans are sure to play the "Leviathan" DLC that will launch at the end of the month, some believe that the franchise should end. Last week a Reddit user posed a question to fans of BioWare's action-adventure shooter: Should there be a "Mass Effect 4?"

"There's always been a lot of talk about whether they'll do another game set in the ME universe," the post reads, "and it would be a sequel or prequel. But I'm just wondering this...let's say tomorrow they announced plans for a Mass Effect 4. Another sequel continuing the series, just like 2 and 3 did. And because the developers can't continue to track so many possible story variations, they have to normalize the story to where everyone starts off on the same foot."

The author then went on to specify the conditions for a "Mass Effect 4," saying that it would be set a few years before "Mass Effect 3" and gamers would still play as Commander Shephard.

Fans responded, most saying that the idea of a "Mass Effect 4" would be terrible, especially since some feel that it would be a ploy by EA to keep generating money from a popular franchise.

"There's no way the story of a 4th Mass Effect game would be any good with all the white-washing of the plot they would have to do," one user wrote in response.

Players will have to wait until Aug. 28 to see if "Leviathan" gameplay will actually impact the "Mass Effect 3" ending.

What do you think about continuing "Mass Effect" gameplay content? Should BioWare continue to build on the storyline? Sound off in the comments below.