Controversy has been swarming the ending of Mass Effect 3, from complaints about the series' conclusion to rumors about downloadable content. Recently, speculations about DLC hit the 4Chan community, where a post from an alleged former lighting technician at BioWare sparked interest among fans.

The post revealed information about the inner workings of the company, and hinted at an upcoming DLC and unannounced game known as Mass Shift.

However, according to, BioWare Community Manager Chris Priestly confirmed that these leaks are fake.

Since people believe me ridiculing this nonsense is somehow avoiding the issue, this new DLC rumor on Reddit/4Chan is FALSE. Movin' on now, he said, according to Gamepur.

The post in question praised the Mass Effect team for their work, hailing them as talented individuals. But the author behind the post also hinted that Electronic Arts has shipped out projects before they were completed.

The success stops mattering when a dark cloud hangs over a team that is doing the best with the restraints that have been placed upon them, the author wrote. Nothing was more heartbreaking than the moment when 'Dragon Age 2,' which was not yet in alpha status, was shipped out the door. I thought it was a one-time thing, but it is becoming clear that was just the beginning.

The post does seem to give a lot of insight to the production process, but it is unclear whether or not this is actually a former BioWare worker, or just a fan with a creative imagination. The author wrote that this rumored leak is the result of content taken from a digital blackboard at the BioWare offices.

The outline always changes dramatically during development, the post read. Sometimes major plot twists are totally changed, or characters are removed.

But one of the boldest assertions to come from the post was a criticism of EA, telling fans to blame the company rather than the Mass Effect developers for gripes concerning the game.

BioWare is still full of people who love video games, who want to put passion into their games the author wrote. But they are being stifled. Don't be angry with BioWare. Be angry with those who are stifling them. But your anger isn't enough. Speak with your money. It's the only language EA understands.

This isn't the first time an alleged BioWare worker was rumored to leak insider information on fan forums. Last week, a post that was also deemed false from an alleged member of the development team claimed that a lot of the writers were left out of the process, resulting in the controversial ending.