These aren't production stills from a film adaptation of Mao II  - real mass weddings take place all over the globe several times a year, and not just among cults.

These days, many choose to participate in mass weddings to share the financial burden of the tying the knot.

Or, in the case of October's mass wedding in China, so that more people can take advantage of fleeting symbolic good fortune: 60 couples were married at 10:10 in the morning October 10, 2010  - the tenth day of the tenth month in the tenth year of the 21st century - which is considered a perfect wedding, as the number 10 symbolizes perfection in China.

Alas, none of the ceremonies in this particular wedding album took place at Yankee Stadium - maybe a mass same-sex couple wedding in New York City on Sunday, July 24 would be a better option than the lottery for those who want to get hitched as soon as legally possible.