This week, “MasterChef” fans will be treated to the battle of the top five remaining contestants. The episode promo has just been released by Fox, and some familiar faces will be making an appearance. [Scroll down for video]

Only two more weeks remain before the Season 6 finale, and only five home cooks are left in the running to take this year’s grand prize. In the episode teaser for the coming week, it appears that the contestants will be greeted by former "MasterChef" champions.

Three contestants, who have been successful in their respective “MasterChef” journeys, will be returning to the kitchen. Season 3 winner Christine Ha, Season 4 winner Luca Manfe and reigning champion Courtney Lapresi all appear in the video. The official “MasterChef” Twitter account also shared a photo of the three former champions, where they show off their respective cook books.

According to the synopsis shared by TV Guide, the three former champions will be taking part in the show by helping one of the contestants assemble four baskets of ingredients for the other four competitors. The lucky contestant, who will be working with the three champions, is the winner of the Mystery Box challenge.

This week, the Mystery Box will contain pears, tomatoes, Portobello mushrooms and chocolates. The contestant, who wins the Mystery Box, will not only be able to control the ingredients available during the elimination, he or she will also be exempted from cooking. This means that winning the Mystery Box gives one contestant a guaranteed spot into the top 4.

The remaining five contestants are Derrick Peltz, Claudia Sandoval, Stephen Lee, Nick Nappi and Katrina Kozar. Catch them in action on “Return of the Champions” on “MasterChef” this Wednesday, 8 p.m. EDT on Fox. 

Watch the episode 17 teaser below: