“Masters of Sex” put sex on hold this week in Season 2 episode 2, titled “Kyrie Eleison.” Bill and Virginia spent the majority of the episode in their separate hospitals caring for others.

Bill starts at his new hospital with a new secretary, Barbara (guest star Betsy Brandt). She is overly perky and clearly doesn’t understand Bill’s cold personality. When Virginia visits to give Barbara some files and talk to her, Barbara is so grateful that she offers to take Virginia to lunch.

The obstetrician has two patients this week: Betty and Rose. Of course, Betty doesn’t actually need anything. She is blackmailing the doctor to give her fertility treatments, but they both know she can’t have kids. By the end of the episode, Bill is threatening to tell Betty’s husband about her infertility because he has real patients that need help.

One of those patients is Rose Greathouse, daughter of Bill’s new boss. Rose had a botched abortion and was bleeding out when Dr. Masters got to her. Dr. Greathouse and his wife tell Bill to give their daughter a hysterectomy. Bill refuses to do something that the patient doesn’t want. He talks to Rose and she does want the hysterectomy. She thinks it will fix her.

“Don’t say that ever again, Rose,” Bill says. “There is such a promise of hope. You’re not going to have to suffer like this forever.”

Rose gets a new invention called an IUD (Intrauterine Device) instead. Betty sneaks into her room and tells her that lots of mothers are awful. She should always stand up for herself (which Betty apparently did by stabbing her mother in the eye with a high heel). Rose thanks her and mentions that Dr. Masters really helped her as well when he told her, "You're not your worst part."

Ironically, Masters isn’t doing as well with his baby at home. He still hasn’t taken to being a father. Mrs. Masters hires a nanny, Coral (guest star Keke Palmer). She confides that she though the baby would fix Bill’s problems being cut off from the world.

Libby asks Coral, “Who ever heard of a grown man being afraid of his own child?”

Coral seems to have a natural knack for childcare and Libby seems a little jealous. She starts to correct Coral’s speech, changing “axe” to “ask.”

Over at Maternity Hospital, Virginia has plenty of her own problems, aside from the fact that she can’t immediately rejoin the study. Virginia shows a gastroenterologist the instrument used to take video of a woman’s vaginal canal. He claims he is adapting it for the throat, but he asks a lot of questions about women’s pleasure. Virginia asks “How would this apply to the esophagus?” shortly before the doctor has an orgasm in his pants.

Virginia is also working on an informational video with Lillian. Dr. Depaul attempts to tell audiences how to give a Pap smear, but she badly slurs her words. Virginia insists on calling her doctor and makes an appointment for Lillian with her oncologist. It turns out the doctor’s cervical cancer has progressed.

Still, Virginia has other issues. She can’t get to the files from the study because she can’t get permission from the provost. Bill admits that he can’t get in touch with Barton either, and it seems that Barton's wife is still keeping his suicide attempt secret.

Virginia and Vivian run into each other after Vivian gets a cast on her arm. Virginia attempts to talk to her to figure out where Barton is, but the provost’s daughter basically tells her that she ruined her engagement to Ethan. Then Vivian questions why the secretary tried to be with Ethan at all if she wasn’t going to make a life with him. Vivian eventually reveals her father’s suicide attempt to Bill.

The episode ends with Virginia and Bill once again meeting at a hotel to continue participating in their sex study. 

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