Showtime’s “Masters Of Sex” premiered an emotional episode on Sunday in which Dr. William “Bill” Masters pled guilty to the charge of sexual deviance in order to save Mrs. Virginia “Gini” Johnson’s reputation as a woman and sex researcher. The once arrogant doctor also confessed his addiction and love for Gini at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting in Season 4, episode 5. What will happen in episode 6?

After realizing that she belongs with Bill, Virginia will try to rebuild her romantic relationship with him. The official synopsis of “Family Only” on Showtime reveals that Gini wants her relationship with the doctor to be like it was before Dan Logan (Josh Charles) waltzed in.

The promo of Season 4, episode 6 shows the once submissive secretary of Dr. Masters giving him a key to their old hotel room in the hopes that he would meet her there tonight.

The trailer also teases a showdown between Masters’ professional partner, Nancy (Betty Gilpin), and Virginia. Bill hired her to become his partner, but now that Gini and Bill are reunited, the two women will fight over the partnership. Masters wants Nancy to be involved in all aspects of the clinic, but Virginia thinks they should work together again.

A sneak peek video of “Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 6 released by Showtime shows Dr. Nancy arguing with Mrs. Johnson in the ladies bathroom. She is infuriated that Virginia removed her from an old case she was working on. Nancy tells Virginia that she is competing with her because she a woman and there is only a small piece of pie available to women in all professions.

The synopsis also teases that Betty (Annaleigh Ashford) and Helen (Sarah Silverman) will be ready to welcome their new baby.

It seems like Art (Jeremy Strong) will finally tell the truth about what happened at the party to Nancy because the synopsis says that they will “discuss the consequences of their party.”

Meanwhile, Libby (Caitlin Fitzgerald) will go on her first date with Keller (David Walton) in a nudist colony.

“Masters Of Sex” Season 4, episode 6 premieres Sunday, Oct. 16 at 10 p.m. EDT on Showtime.