Things are getting tense in the “Match Made in Heaven” house. As bachelor Stevie Baggs begins to grow closer to the ladies, the Season 2 contestants start to let their true colors show — in front of Stevie’s mom, Miss Lola.

In Thursday night’s episode of the WE tv reality series, the women “play dirty in a fierce football game.” A date with Stevie is on the line, and one of the cast members is willing to do whatever it takes to land that alone time, even if it means sabotaging somebody else’s dream date. But that’s not going to be the only jaw-dropper in the installment. Miss Lola will catch wind of a nasty rumor circulating the bachelorette house.

It’s unclear what the rumor is, but an International Business Times exclusive sneak-peek video sheds light on some of the developing rivalries.

In the video, Rose calls out Medgie for acting different around Stevie’s mom from how she behaves otherwise. Rose claims Medgie threatens to fight the other girls when Miss Lola isn’t in the room. Miss Lola doesn’t say anything, but Medgie quickly jumps in to throw shade at Rose, calling her “Miss Jealousy and Envy.”

“You hate on Kim,” Medgie fires at her enemy. “You hate on Kim’s accomplishments. ‘Oh, she throws her nice stuff in our face. She’s always talking about all her shoes and all her nice dresses. She made me feel beneath her.’”

Needless to say, Kim’s shocked to be brought up in the argument. And just like Medgie, she stands up for herself. She tells Rose, who she considered a friend, that she worked hard to get where she is now and that her family’s wealth doesn’t matter.

“You have deeper issues,” Kim says before walking away from the argument. “You need to work on yourself.”

The sneak peek concludes before Miss Lola can say anything, but “Match Made in Heaven” fans know that Stevie’s mom is not one to stay quiet. Viewers will have to tune in to see how she handles the situation, and what she reports back to Stevie.

Catch the latest episode of “Match Made in Heaven,” titled “Hashtags & Red Flags,” when it airs on WE tv Thursday, June 2, at 10 p.m. EDT.