Match Made in Heaven
Stevie Baggs Jr. will search for “the one” on Season 2 of “Match Made in Heaven.” WE tv

“Match Made In Heaven” is back on WE tv this Thursday and better than ever! The reality dating show, which somewhat mirrors “The Bachelor,” premiered on the network last year and introduced Shawn Bullard, a then-34-year-old businessman from Philadelphia. Shawn and the Season 1 winner, Jade Turpin, didn’t develop a lasting relationship, but that’s not stopping former professional football player Stevie Baggs Jr. from taking a swing at finding “the one” in Season 2.

This time around Sherri Shepherd is stepping in as a host and executive producer of the unscripted reality show. She’s joining returning star and Indianapolis Colts spiritual adviser Pastor Ken Johnson as they help Stevie weed through 18 sexy, single and successful women. But they’re not just lending a helping hand and “spiritual guidance.” They’re also introducing some juicy “temptations and challenges” — and the first one involves Stevie’s mom.

Just like in Season 1, the bachelor’s mom has a major role in helping him find his future wife. And Stevie’s mom, Lola, truly steals the show in the premiere. She’s a protective momma bear who has no intentions of letting an unworthy suitor sink her nails into her son. And she also happens to be hilarious.

“I’m watching and I’m listening to everything you do and say in order to protect my son. And for those of you who turn this house into a ‘hoe-asis,’ I got you. I’m watching you,” she says.

Lola has a big personality, but so do a lot of the women in the house. From a dancer who has gone on tour with Beyoncé to an opinionated owner of a boutique PR agency, the competition is tough this season. And the ladies will certainly butt heads as feelings for the wealthy bachelor begin to develop.

But the highlight of the premiere doesn’t go to Lola or the ladies; it goes to Stevie, who gets to break up with one of the ladies in the house via text message.

Believe me, this is one train wreck you don’t want to miss.

“Match Made in Heaven” premieres Thursday, May 19, at 10 p.m. EDT on WE tv.