Matt Bissonnette, the former Navy SEAL who wrote a memoir about the May 2011 raid to kill Osama bin Laden, appeared on Sunday night's episode of "60 Minutes."

Bisonnette, a member of the Virginia Beach-based SEAL Team 6 that killed bin Laden, was featured on the show where he went into explicit detail on how the SEAL team raided bin Laden's Pakistan hideout and shot him dead instead of capturing him alive.  The account was accompanied by digital re-enactments of the helicopter that came dangerously close to crashing as the SEALs arrived at the compound where bin Laden was hiding.

The former Navy SEAL team member says once the team was inside the compound, one SEAL fired after seeing a man's head poking into a hallway. He added that he and another SEAL shot bin Laden again after finding him on his bedroom floor with a bullet in his skull, because bin Laden's hands were hidden.

In the interview, Bissonnette also uses a model of the compound to flesh out his account, which reportedly differs from the Pentagon's version of what happened.

The CBS "60 Minutes" interview with Bissonnette includes a number of a new details, those of which were not mentioned in "No Easy Day," the newly released book he wrote and released under the pseudonym Mark Owen.

As a result of the book release and the interview, The Pentagon has reportedly threatened legal action against Bissonnette for the possible publication of classified information. A spokesman said the book's release was "a material breach of nondisclosure agreements."

"I'm not talking secrets. I'm not talking tactics," Bissonnette said on "60 Minutes."

Although he was previously identified by Fox News, "60 Minutes" producers decided not use his real name in Sunday's interview.

CBS make-up artists spent a reported four hours concealing the author's features, which viewers saw from a distance and in dim light. Bissonnette's voice also was altered. Interviewer Scott Pelley referred to Bissonnette by his pseudonym.

"The focus should not be on me," The former Navy SEAL said about the natural-looking disguise. "It should be on the book."

Bissonnette has promised to donate most of his earnings to a number of charities. The Navy SEAL Foundation, one of the charities mentioned, has said it will not accept any donations generated by the book.

"No Easy Day" was published on Sept. 4, by Dutton Penguin.