Christine Quinn, a candidate for mayor in New York, makes a surprising revelation about Mayor Bloomberg in New York magazine’s latest issue.

While at a Christmas party, Quinn was introduced to Bloomberg. Instead of paying attention to her, he commented on the assets of a female nearby.  

“My friend and I followed the host over, shook Bloomberg’s hand, and my friend thanked him for his position on gun control.

"Without even acknowledging the comment, Bloomberg gestured toward a woman in a very tight floor-length gown standing nearby and said, ‘Look at the [expletive] on her,’” Quinn reveals.

Bloomberg is the co-chairman and largest funder of ‘Mayors Against Illegal Guns,’ which, according to NPR, is planning visits to Capitol Hill from mayors, police officers, and survivors of gun violence. The group includes over 700 mayors who are advocating the need for increased gun control. 

But at the Christmas party, his focus was not on being complimented for his push for stricter gun regulations, but on women’s assets. 

Quinn also notes that Bloomberg  also has expressed his dislike for her wearing flat shoes around him, and not coloring her hair when her roots start to show.

“The mayor has no use for flat shoes,” Quinn tells New York Magazine.

“I was at a parade with him once and he said, ‘What are those?’ and I said, ‘They’re comfortable,’ and he said, ‘I never want to hear those words out of your mouth again,’” she stated. “He likes me in high heels.”

“Another big thing with the mayor, when I am rooting … like, the couple of days a week before I need to get my hair colored, he’ll say, ‘Do you pay a lot to make your hair be two colors? Because now it’s three with the gray.’

“And I’m like, ‘Did you wake up being this big of an [expletive]? Or did it take, like, all day to ramp up to it to be able to insult me like that?’”

Quinn is currently the City Council Speaker and in 2007, she was named the third-most powerful woman in New York by the New York Post.