The fight all boxing fans crave, Floyd Mayweather Vs.Manny Pacquiao could still happen this year, according to The Filipino's latest comments, reported by the Manilla Bulletin.

The news comes after Pacquiao had earlier hinted that he may retire after his next bout against Timothy Bradley in June. However, he has now said that he hopes the fight will go ahead in November.

And even if the fight can not be agreed by the year's end, Pacquiao's latest comments inspire hope that it could still happen down the line.

I have maybe two or three more fights, Pacquiao is reported as saying. Hopefully [Mayweather] will fight before I retire,

When promoting his fight with the undefeated Bradley last week, Pacquiao suggested that his fresh commitment to his faith could lead him to an imminent retirement.

Boxing, for me, hitting each other is not good, he said in an interview with the Vancouver Sun. So I was thinking I'm not going to stay long in boxing.

While there remains a widespread belief that the huge sums of money involved in a possible fight will eventually lead to an agreement, a conclusion to the long-running saga between Mayweather and Pacquiao still seems some way off.

There was hope that the match-up between the world's two best pound-for-pound fighters would happen in late spring/early summer of this year, but that fell through when Mayweather announced his fight with Miguel Cotto for May 5.Subsequently both fighters have criticized the other for ducking the fight.

Continuing the war of words between the two, Pacquiao has suggested that Mayweather would be wrong to take Cotto lightly. He thinks that Cotto is an easy opponent, but he's not, he said, according to Boxing Scene. Cotto is a good boxer, he's strong. He needs tot rain hard, because Cotto is strong, very strong.

Pacquiao defeated Cotto by technical knockout in 2009.

Freddie Roach, Pacquiao's trainer, had a different opinion, though, suggesting that Mayweather should win comfortably, while also taking a shot at the American fighter.

I think Mayweather can out-box him,” Roach said, according to Boxing Scene. “I don’t think Mayweather can knock him out. I hope Cotto does well. I hope he gets one in and knocks him out and just shuts this guy up. Somebody’s got to shut this guy up. I mean, the guy’s like an expert on everything, from basketball to … but I think Cotto is still on the downside a little bit. I don’t think he’s what he was back in the day.

I think Mayweather will out-box him, but I don’t see it as being a really exciting fight, though. Mayweather is never in a really exciting fight anyway.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao's next opponent, Bradley, has voiced his confidence in giving the WBO Welterweight title holder all he can handle in their June 9 contest.

What the fight fans can expect from me is putting it all on the line, because I want to win this fight, for my family, for my community. I want to upset this guy, he said, according to ESPN.

I feel like I have the tools and everything it takes to beat Pacquiao. I'm going to hurt him, I have to hurt him, I gotta hurt him. Absolutely, I have to hurt this guy, and get respect from Pacquiao early.

At the end of the night, I feel like I am going to be victorious.