The “Fight of the Century” is almost here as undefeated Floyd Mayweather takes on Manny Pacquiao Saturday night at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas. It’s the most anticipated bout in decades, but unless you are a fan wealthy enough to afford tickets and accomodations for the event, chances are your best bet to catch the mega-fight will be right at home via pay-per-view.

The fight will be co-broadcast by cable giants HBO and Showtime, but even if you already have a subscription to either channel you will still have to order the matchup through your cable or satellite providers. Two prices have been set, with a standard definition feed costing $89.99 and high-definition set at $99.99.

The price point might seem a bit high, as it is the highest ever for a pay-per-view event, but many are expected to order the fight and split the costs with friends and or family.

Whether you are a Time Warner, Comcast, Cablevision, DirecTV, DISH, or Verizon Fios customer, most providers give the options of ordering the event online, over the phone, or with your remote control. With so many channels now available from service providers, make sure to confirm what station the fight will actually be on so you don’t miss any action.

DISH, trying to use the fight as a marketing tool to lure new customers, is offering the event for free but those who sign up must agree to a two-year contract, Time reports.

Another option is heading down to your local bar, but you will likely have to pay some sort of cover charge. Bars are required to pay fees to show the fight or face stiff legal penalties if they’re caught showing it illegally, according to The Guardian.

How much the fight costs a bar is determined by their maximum allowable occupancy, with the price per patron often ranging from about $20 to $25 a head. Thus, fans can expect to pay a cover charge of roughly $20 to $30 if they’d like to see the mega-fight away from their homes.

Watching it for free is an option for fans in Mexico. The country is one of the fight’s biggest sponsors and as a result Televisa and Azteca will show the fight free of charge, TMZ reported earlier this week.

Coverage of the end starts at 6 p.m. ET, however, the undercard doesn’t get going until 9 p.m.