Looking to buy a pair or two of parachute pants online? We have the search engine for you -- but you'll have to wait a bit for it.

TechCrunch reports that U Can't Touch This rapper MC Hammer dropped in at the Web 2.0 Summit Wednesday to tell a bewildered crowd that he's getting into the search-engine business.

Yup, that's right -- Hammer's taking on Google.

Why create another search engine? Hammer -- born Stanley Kirk Burrell -- asked the Web 2.0 crowd, by way of explanation. Well, what if Sergey and Larry had not tried?

The rapper was referring to Google co-founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page.

Besides, Hammer explained, WireDoo will be a different kind of search engine, one that will allow users to search relational terms -- search for a particular school name, and you'll also receive, for example, the school's truancy rate.

Unfortunately, it's uncertain when this breakthrough in search-engine technology will be available. WireDoo is currently in the pre-beta stage.

Perhaps, when it's up and running, Hammer can search for the answer to whatever happened to his career.