McDonald's has brought back one of its cult classics - the McRib.

The McRib is making its return on Nov. 2 in a big way. This is the first time in 16 years McDonald's will introduce the sandwich nationwide.

Even if someone was unaware of the McRib before, it is certainly hard to ignore it now. There is a plethora of fanfare surrounding this newest release.

McRib (#McRib) has been trending on Twitter for the past 24 hours and is making headlines across the nation.

McDonald's has taken to its Twitter feed (@McDonalds) to discuss the upcoming launch: The rumors are true, friends. The #McRib is back in restaurants nationwide today! However, it's only for a limited time, so don't miss out! and BREAKING NEWS: The McRib. Is. Back. Reacquaint yourself at #McRib

The McRib has multiple Facebook fan pages dedicated in its honor, with as many as over 12,000 likes,

There is even a website dedicated to hunting down the coveted McDonald's fare entitled, McRib Locator.

It is quite possible that the elusiveness of the sandwich, even more so than its deliciousness, is to thank for its immense popularity.

Some individuals have quite an infatuation with the delicacy.

Take Ryan Dixon, for instance. He is from Burbank, CA, and once drove 10 hours to Medford, OR, to get his hands on a McRib, reports FOX News.

It has a ghostly quality, said Ryan Dixon, a 30-year-old graphic novelist. You don't know when it will appear. It's the girl who you are in love with who has always been a tease to you.

The McRib sandwich was first introduced in 1982, reports the Washington Post.

It is made of a pork patty, onions, pickle slices, and savory barbecue sauce.

The McRib will be released en masse across McDonalds' nationwide chains until Nov. 14.

According to MSN Money, Short-lived promotions serve a valuable purpose in the restaurant world, re-engaging old customers and reaching out to new ones.

So how does the McRib stack up against some other McDonald's favorites?

McRib: 500 calories, 26 g. fat, 980 mg. sodium, 11 g. sugar

Mac Snack Wrap: 330 calories, 19 g. fat, 690 mg. sodium, 3 g. sugar

Crispy Chicken Sandwich: 510 calories, 22 g. fat, 990 mg. sodium, 10 g. sugar

Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese: 740 calories, 42 g. fat, 1380 mg. sodium, 9 g. sugar

Big Mac: 540 calories, 29 g. fat, 1040 mg. sodium, 9 g. sugar