According to a new study, a so-called Greek and Mediterranean diet can help women reduce the risk of developing cancer in the womb. The Italian researchers have claimed that changes in dietary habits can reduce the chances of womb cancer by more than 50 percent.

During the study, Italian researchers tracked the dietary habits of nearly 5,000 Italian women and noted their rate of developing womb cancer. The researchers found that women who consumed seven to nine Mediterranean diet foods had 57 percent less chances of developing womb cancer.

On the other hand, women who included six Mediterranean diet foods had 46 percent less chances of developing cancer. While women who restricted their diet of five, the chances of developing the cancer reduced to 34 percent.

The researchers concluded that women who consumed fewer Mediterranean diet foods did not have a lowered risk of developing womb cancer. The researchers considered fruits, nuts, vegetables, fish, cereals, olive oil, potatoes and a little amount of alcohol and meat as Mediterranean diet foods.

"Our research shows the impact a healthy, balanced diet could have on a woman's risk of developing womb cancer. This adds more weight to our understanding of how our everyday choices, like what we eat and how active we are, affect our risk of cancer," said lead researcher Dr. Cristina Bosetti, in a statement.

Dr. Julie Sharp from Cancer Research UK confirmed that a healthful lifestyle and eating habits can reduce the risk of developing some kind of cancers. However, she also emphasized that more research is needed to see the impact of the Mediterranean diet on the reduced risk of developing cancer.

The study has been published in the British Journal of Cancer.