If you think there’s a disturbing lack of facial hair in today’s political landscape, you aren’t the only one -- and you don’t have to fight for a bearded president alone anymore. A newly formed super PAC called BEARD plans to raise funds to further the campaigns of bearded political candidates across America.

According to the Raw Story, Bearded Entrepreneurs for the Advancement of a Responsible Democracy (BEARD) filed to officially become a political action committee with the Federal Elections Committee on Wednesday. BEARD PAC plans to raise unlimited amounts of money to fund and support bearded political candidates across the country. 

“It’s been 125 years since our last bearded President, Benjamin Harrison, was elected,” BEARD PAC Communications Director Andy Shapero said in a statement at the group's official website. “We’re hoping that with our support, bearded individuals will shrug off over a century of political irrelevance and start running for office again.”

Founded by Jonathan Sessions and based out of Columbia, Miss., BEARD plans to support bearded candidates regardless of their political affiliation or the government position sought. The only requirement for sponsorship by BEARD PAC is the appropriate amount of facial hair. 

For Sessions, a mustache simply isn’t enough hair to warrant a sponsorship. The PAC plans to only support candidates sporting a full beard, though Sessions did admit to the Raw Story that he would consider supporting a goatee “on the right candidate.”

“With the resurgence of beards in popular culture and among today’s younger generation, we believe the time is now to bring facial hair back into politics,” Sessions said in a statement. 

“We haven’t had a bearded major party candidate run for president since Charles Evans Hughes ran and lost in 1916, and there has been a recent wave of retirements amongst bearded congressmen, including David Obey and Steve LaTourette. Our hope is that we can start to reverse this disturbing trend.”