You're following an awful lot of young women on Twitter. Is there a reason you get so many ladies that you're following? a reporter asked New York Representative Anthony Weiner on Tuesday.

Weiner deflected the question and instead remarked that ‘Weinergate’ allowed him to pass Michele Bachmann in the number of Twitter followers.

He refused to answer whether or not it was him who sent a lewd photo via Twitter to 21-year-old Gennette Nicole Cordova, a college student in Seattle.  On Wednesday, Weiner broke his silence and told MSNBC that it was not him.   

On Tuesday, he also refused to answer why he was following Cordova in the first place.  Cordova has since deleted her @GennetteNicole Twitter account.

Weiner follows at least 26 other young women (listed below) who aren’t journalists or political figures.  Some of these followers have spoken out about 'Weinergate.' 

Below are some of their comments made on Twitter:

“Really don't know how this got started. Weiner asked his followers if we wanted him 2 follow back & we said yes! That's it!”

“Never had contact w/ him whatsoever.”

“You know he had a follow campaign 2 weeks ago where if you tweeted #weineryes he would follow you.”

“@RepWeiner Of course! Because a little Weiner never hurts. #WeinerYes”

“@RepWeiner hasn't done anything wrong and he fights for what is right!”

“Sorry to hear about your twitter page getting hacked @RepWeiner. My money is on Bachman”

“I'm a 21 yr old college grad who is PROUD and HONORED to have @RepWeiner follow me, is hacking really breaking news?!?!”

Below are the 26 young women Weiner is following:




A young female user who appears to be in high school.

A young female user who may be a minor.