Moustafa Ismail has the record for the world's largest arms. Ismail has 31-inch upper arms, combining the biceps and triceps, like a real-life Popeye.

Moustafa Ismail is a bodybuilder from Massachusetts and has spent countless hours in the gym to develop his record-setting 31-inch arms, reports The Associated Press. In order to train hard, Ismail's daily diet consists of seven pounds of protein and nine pounds of carbohydrates while spending two hours in the gym lifting weights as heavy as 600 pounds, notes AP.

To keep hydrated, Ismail drinks nearly three gallons of water a day, but the work has paid off as evidenced by his record setting arm muscles. According to Ismail, "They call me Popeye, the Egyptian Popeye," reports AP. Ismail was born and raised in Egypt before moving to the United States in 2007.

Ismail soon became recognized for his giant arms, but despite all his workouts, there are many critics who believe he used steroids to gain those results. Guinness World Records initially recognized Ismail as having the world record for largest arm muscles, but with the accusations of steroid use, it has decided to investigate further before giving Ismail the title.

Despite his detractors, Ismail seems motivated and willing to prove that his arms are all natural and were developed by time spent in the gym, in addition to plenty of protein and supplements, and not steroids. According to Ismail, “It's not something that's gonna put me down," notes AP. He said he  went to Japan for a documentary where they took blood samples and X-rays of his arms and found nothing, reports AP.

For now, Ismail is not officially recognized by Guinness World Records for having the world's largest arm muscles, but he still has 31-inch arm muscles. You can view a video of Ismail's arm muscles below.