Robert Pattinson reportedly took his mother Clare to watch his fiancee FKA twigs' performance at the Manchester International Festival (MIF), in Manchester, England. Clare was spotted wearing an MIF badge around her neck. Check out a photo here at Mail Online.

Pattinson, 28, also was spotted at twigs' performance at Soundtrack 7 at the MIF. She staged a residency at the Old Granada Studios from July 9 to 15. Before the performance, Pattinson also photobombed pictures of various guests at restaurant. A British fan of the “Twilight” actor posted a photo showing Pattinson in the background at a Manchester cafe.

The actor also was spotted over the weekend at Richmond Tea Rooms in Manchester, Manchester Evening News wrote. The actor also “photobombed diners at a tea room in Manchester’s gay village,” writes the website, adding that Pattinson was at the restaurant with his family. The actor was dressed casually in green pants and a black thick jacket. By looking at the photos, one can make out he had not shaved in awhile. He also wore a cap.

“Rob Pattinson photobombing our pic,” a Twitter user named Amy Robison captioned a photo. The Poynton, England, resident told the website that she accidentally photographed Pattinson while taking a photo during a visit to the eating joint. She added that no one seemed to recognize Pattinson.

While the actor dined with his parents, Richard and Clare, other patrons were asked not to take any pictures of the family. “But we were taking pictures of my cousin blowing out the candles on her birthday cake and he happened to be in the back room,” Robison told the website.